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    iServeU was founded in 2016 and bought an alternative change to the market. It focuses on solving problems and endeavour to transform people and make an organization, and  trying to bring some change with different ideas/plans , so that it can be utilized and adored by all.

    A Fintech Solutions Provider Organization that has completed its four years in Bhubaneswar.

    We build products and offer administrations (services) that associate (connect) people to the contributing data (Investing Information) and devices they need. We put in additional work to improve what we do-and we’re continually searching for new ideas/plans to engage speculators.

    iServeU pioneers (leaders) bring out a differing set of abilities and encounters to their work-joined by their responsibility to our main goal to engage (empower) speculator achievement.



    We have built our entire platform in house since 2016 and mostly in every field (Developers, Finance,  Sales, Non-Technical).

    We are looking forward for people who want to work in these platforms and take the organization to the next level in working out with new ideas/plans to take out new products and help all. The ambitious empowered developers make incredible companies.



    • All Govt. & State Govt. holidays
    • Life Insurance for employees as well as their families
    • Free Health Check-up (Blood & Body check up)
    • Free Lunch Service is also available
    • Many types of Fitness activities are held (physical platform)
    • Extra-curricular activities also held (Football & Basketball)
    • Everybody telecommutes every other Saturday