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Neo Banking

Neo Banking : Replacing the Need of Physical Banking Infrastructure In the future, banking is evolving and so are we. In the new Neo Age, we've been able to innovate Read More..

e-RUPI: A Game Changer in the Rural World

India, together with its huge population, has been taking successful steps towards digitization, especially in the banking sector. As of 2021, 22% of adults claim to have digital-only bank accounts Read More..

What We Do & Why We are Different

You might have gone through many pages from this website but still wondering what we offer and how it can be beneficial for you? Put simply, we at iServeU help Read More..
capital for businees

All About Business Funding and Working capital

Believing in your Business idea and representing it to others, needs a lot of courage. Funding firms can reject your business model and deny funding your venture. That’s why initiating, Read More..
iServeU Cash Race

5 Key Factors Affecting Rural Indians’ Access to the Formal Credit System

India is a nation where agriculture plays a crucial role in the economical growth of the country. People in rural India depend on agriculture for food, income, and raw materials. Read More..
mATM iServeU

5 Biggest Challenges in Penetration of ATMs in Rural India 2021

India’s rural population is 65.53% of the total population. Most of the rural population is unbanked. Despite technological advancements and emerging fintech companies, still cash is ruling in the rural economy. There Read More..

Micro ATMs and how it works in Rural India

You might have seen, retailers are holding small handheld devices for payments. Maybe you are wondering, what is this device called and what are its uses? After demonetization, these devices Read More..
ISU Rural Economy

How iServeU Helping Rural Economy and catalyzing Growth

Modern technology is breaking the Urban-rural divide. Many fintech companies like iServeU are trying to reach rural areas and providing digital financial solutions to them so they can stay updated Read More..

Aadhaar Enabled Payment System – A New Trend Setter in India

How many times do you visit your village to meet your parents or grandparents? Life in rural areas is completely different from urban areas. We can avail anything easily without Read More..

iServeU- The Best AEPS Service Provider in India

Aadhaar enabled payment system (AEPS) is a bank-led model that permits money transactions through your Aadhaar card. It needs Aadhaar based verification and a unique identification number to initiate and Read More..