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Aadhaar ATM or AEPS

Aadhaar ATM: One Easy Solution for Every Transaction

ATMs have been around us for quite a long time now. Did you know that the first one in India came around 1987! And to be very honest, in these last 32 years, there had been no major changes to the fundamental model of an ATM. When ATMs were introduced, they solved a huge problem of availing instant cash to the public without any direct involvement of any typical banking process. People were able to avail cash anytime just by using their credit or debit cards from the nearest ATM kiosk, Though the invention served many financially literate people in the last three decades the usage has been only limited much of the urban population. Rural masses couldn’t get much of it due to a lack of financial literacy and complexities that came with it. However, that is not the case anymore, at least not with ‘Aadhaar ATM’.

When iServeU was founded, its key goal was to bring products and services that will solve the problem of financial inclusion in rural masses. To provide a hassle-free banking service to a nation at the need of the hour, iServeU came up with a revolutionary product that became a breakthrough in personal banking – Aadhaar Enabled Payment System. AEPS or Aadhaar ATM is the most convenient way of making basic transactions like cash withdrawal and balance inquiry by just using Aadhaar Card and Fingerprint. That’s it! No more bank visits or hunting of ATMs, No need of IFSC code or any account number, just your unique Aadhar Number and fingerprint will do your transactions without any additional costs! iServeU has partnered with RBL bank limited to take the service to a maximum number of people, especially in the rural masses. The service is so simple and reliable that people who find it difficult to remember security pins or go through hectic banking procedures like senior citizens, differently-abled etc. can also get the hold of it.

Aadhaar ATM is a safe facility with biometric authentication that enables instant and secure transactions at the tip of your fingertips. It is a small but essential step towards the dream of bridging the financial gap between the institution and the masses. For more details contact us here.