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How to Register for AEPS Service: 7 Easy Steps

Going cashless and making online payments has lots of advantages. It is a quicker and convenient way to deposit cash, transfer cash, or make any online purchase. With the advancement in technology, many new online methods are introduced and people are now using them for many reasons. But in many online payment methods, you have to share your confidential information and some people are reluctant to share their information. So, they prefer to use traditional ways of making transactions, which is very time-consuming. For this reason, the Government has launched a great way to make transactions only with your Aadhaar card. Through Aadhaar Enabled Payment System (AEPS), the Aadhaar cardholders can carry out monetary transactions and AEPS balance inquiry by way of Aadhaar based verification. This service is given by the National Payments Corporation of India to the financial institutions by using your Unique Identification Number printed on the Aadhaar card. You can do AEPS registration through an AEPS agent to avail of numerous benefits of this service.

Benefits of AEPS registration online:

  • Safe & secure process
  • Easy and convenient
  • Time-saving and hassle-free
  • Less documentation
  • Easy access to your bank account just using Aadhaar Authentication
  • Only 2 things are required for a cash transaction that is Aadhaar card and biometric information.
  • Operates among several banks
  • Works as m-ATM

Benefits of AEPS service portals

  • Single tip withdrawal of money
  • Saves time and hassle
  • No need to visit banks
  • No need to visit ATM
  • Remembering your password or pin is not required
  • An easy and fast method of transaction
  • No need to carry an Aadhaar card with you

Services You Can Avail through AEPS online registration :

  • Cash Withdrawal
  • Cash transfer
  • Bank balance mini-statement

AEPS Online Registration Process:

 You need to follow 7 simple steps for AEPS registration.

Step 1: Visit the nearest banking corresponded in your zone or visit the nearest iServeU outlet correspondent in your area.

Step2: Enter your 12-digit Aadhaar number of the unique identity number printed on your Aadhaar card in the POS-point of sale machine.

Step 3: Choose the type of transaction you want to make like cash withdrawal, intrabank or interbank fund transfer, obtain a mini statement, balance inquiry.

Step 4: Choose the name of the bank

Step 5: Fill in the amount of the transactions.

Step 6: Through your biometrics, authenticate the transaction.

Step 7: The transaction will be finished in no time.

At the end of the AEPS transaction, a money receipt will be generated along with a successful message. The message will inform you that your transaction is completed successfully. You will also receive a message from IPPB as well as your linked bank.

Advantages of AEPS portal registration for agents:

 There are many advantages of AEPS portal registration for agents.

  1. By AEPS registration, the agents can convert their shop to a mini ATM.
  2. Agents can avail the highest commission
  3. Smaller investment but big profit
  4. Instant settlement of cash
  5. Profitable business opportunity

How to become an AEPS agent?

Many fintech companies are training retailers to become AEPS agents. You can become an iServeU Aeps agent and can earn commission on every successful transaction. All you need to do is present your PAN Card and Aadhaar Card and fill the Aadhaar Enabled Payment System AEPS registration form.

Any business partner can do AEPS registration online with a simple documentation process.

Want to become an iServeU AEPS agent and earn a lucrative commission? Connect with us. iServeU is providing AEPS services with 2 banks and users can start AEPS services with self-authentication. iServeU is the best AEPS portal to do smooth cash withdrawal, transfer, and bank inquiry at any point in time. For more info, visit us at or feel free to call us on +918338088000.