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Cash Withdrawal Limit of All Micro ATM Users

Cash is still the king of the Indian economy. People living in rural India still depend on cash for payments. You ask your mom to make online payments, she would say she doesn’t know how to do it. Likewise, people in a rural area barely know the operation of money transactions through online methods. They still go to banks and ATMs for cash withdrawal and cash deposits. Micro ATMs are the solution for people who lives in an area where ATMs are not nearby and very few banks are available. This is the complete guide for you to understand Micro ATM, cash withdrawal limit of all micro ATMs, Its use and benefits.

What is Micro ATM?

 Micro ATM is a small portable card swiping device through which one can easily withdraw cash, deposit cash, transfer fund, inquire about bank balance, and avail bank statements.

One can easily connect the micro ATM with their mobile phones via Bluetooth and press the start button to use the mini device.

 How can it be beneficial for you as a customer?

 As a user or customer, you don’t have to go an extra mile for cash withdrawal/ cash deposit/ balance inquiry/mini statements. You can contact any business correspondent or iServeU agent to make transactions. You don’t have to wait longer as you will be notified instantly.

 How can Micro ATM be beneficial for you as a retailer?

  • As a retailer, you can earn a decent amount of commission for every successful transaction.
  • You can increase the footfalls to your shop and gain popularity.
  • You can generate more revenue.
  • Adapting to new technologies can make your shop stand out from the rest of the Kirana shops.
  • The cost of deployment of Micro ATMs is less than ATMs.

 Key features of Micro ATM

 Here is the list of key features of Micro ATMs.

  1. Small portable device
  2. Easy to use
  3. Easy to carry
  4. Easy to install
  5. Don’t need your bank details
  6. Instant settlement

 Cash Withdrawal Limit of All Micro ATM Users

 One can withdraw money by using Micro ATMs are up to Rs.50,000, which is implemented from May, 2020. The cash withdrawal limit of micro ATMs is Rs.50,000 per day.

 The Bottom Line:

 iServeU is a leading fintech company and DIPP certified start up. If you want to start providing cash withdrawal, deposits, or banking facilities, you can avail micro ATM from our online portal ( We provide other banking and financial solutions like Aadhaar enabled payment system, Bharat bill payment services, Domestic Money Transfer, Micro ATMs and other benefits like hospital daily cash insurance. For more info call us on 8338088000.