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Best AEPS Company in India - iServeU

How to choose the best AEPS company in India?

Aadhaar enabled payment system (AEPS) as per the name suggest is done through Aadhaar card and for authentication fingerprint and iris scanning is done. Through this payment system, you can Read More..
Micro ATM - iServeU

How Micro ATM Service Is Going to Change Your Earning Potential

With the advancement in technologies, we are preferring easy to carry goods and easy to access services. The slimmer the thing, the better its performance. Likewise, in the banking sector, Read More..
Everything about IMPS - iServeU

Everything you should know about IMPS Fund Transfer

Gone are those days when we had to rely on banks for our cash needs. Earlier we had to wait for days to transfer cash from one account to another Read More..
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Personal Loans at Easy Terms And Fast Speed: Instant Loans Online

In simple terms, a Personal loan is an unsecured loan given to an individual where they don’t have to show any collateral/security for the approval of the loan. It can Read More..
Top 5 Tips for Choosing Hospital Cash Plan - iServeU

Top 5 Tips for Choosing the Right Hospital Cash Insurance Policy

Whether we admit it or not, we all make lifestyle mistakes and regret for wrong food choices. Due to those small mistakes, our body takes in a lot of junk Read More..
Top 10 Tips Quick Money Transfer - iServeU

Top 10 Tips with Quick Money Transfer

Many times in our life, we got a call from our loved ones and they are asking for money. The parent usually gets a call from their children asking for Read More..

Everything You Need to Know about Deposit Cash into Bank Accounts

Holding an extra amount of cash is always risky and attracts unwanted people towards you. When you think about depositing your money into your account balance you have to think Read More..

Understanding the benefits of Hospital Daily Cash Plans

Life is uncertain, one can get ill at any point in time. But, one thing is in our hands that is securing our life with some scheme that at least Read More..

Easy Ways to Send Money from one bank to another in India

Nowadays, one can choose from the plethora of fund transfer options. From the traditional way of fund transfer to online bank transfer, you can pick the best way to save Read More..

Everything You Need to Know about AEPS Transaction Limit

The pandemic has changed the way we lived earlier. The fear of viruses compelled us to choose online payment methods. You can carry a huge amount of cash in your Read More..