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Easy Ways to Send Money from one bank to another in India

Nowadays, one can choose from the plethora of fund transfer options. From the traditional way of fund transfer to online bank transfer, you can pick the best way to save your time and hassle. If you are wondering about easy ways to send money from one bank to another in India then, you don’t have to worry. You need to do some research before going for any option to save yourself from any deduction. Check out how to transfer money online from one bank account to another.

  1. Online Payment Method
  • RTGS (Real-Time Gross Settlement)

The instantaneous fund transfer system continuously settles payment on an individual order basis |& once the transaction is done, it can’t be reversed. It’s a great way to do bank to bank transfer. The purpose of RTGS is to be used for high-value interbank transactions as there is less risk in settlements. Reserve Bank of India manages the payment system so, you can count on it for sending & receiving funds. All RTGS charges may incur higher costs to customers, while fund transfer ranges anywhere between Rs.25 to Rs.55. For the digital transactions, the maximum amount of online bank transfer limit per day is as per the customer’s TPT limit for the HDFC account holder.

Information required for an RTGS transaction:

  • The amount to be transferred in rupees
  • Name of the payee/beneficiary
  • Name of beneficiary bank and bank branch
  • IFSC code of the payee/beneficiary
  • Account number of the payee/beneficiary
  • NEFT (National Electronic Fund Transfer)

The online bank to bank transfer fund system that allows interbank fund transfer. It is one of the popular ways of transferring money from bank to bank digitally. You can transfer funds from your bank branch to anyone, without visiting the bank. Earlier to transfer the funds, one had to withdraw the amount and then pay it in cash or cheque. Now, one can transfer a sum of money from his account to another person’s account, through the process of NEFT.

NEFT offers the ease of funds transfer from any NEFT- enabled bank account of any branch to any NEFT- enabled account located in any geographical area.

Transaction timing will be 48 half-hourly batches every day. The first batch settlement will start after 30 minutes. The operation will be permitted round the clock and all day of the year, including holidays. No upper and lower limit is set for amount transfer via NEFT.

The charges for transfer money from bank to bank range from Rs. 2.50 to Rs. 25 on the amount range from Rs. 10,000 to the amount more than Rs. 2 Lakh.

  • IMPS (Immediate Payment Service)

Apart from RTGS and NEFT, you can choose another way for fund transfer that is IMPS. It provides instant round the clock digital fund transfer services that you can use on your smartphones.

  • Ewallets

Similar to Credit cards and debit cards, E-wallets are a type of electronic card. It is used for online transactions and treated as the prepaid account in which you can store funds that you can use in the future for any instant payment like for booking train tickets, flight tickets, groceries, online purchases, etc. First, you need to install the app on your mobile and give the relevant data after that, the data will be stored in the database so, you don’t need to fill the form after any purchase. It is also used for cryptocurrencies like bitcoins.

UPI has made online payment much easier and faster, you can transfer money through your mobile phones and make instant bank to bank transfers, payments, or any purchase. This method of payment is developed by the NPCI (National payments corporation in India) and regulated by RBI( Reserve bank of India). You can add multiple bank accounts into a single app. Some of the popular UPI mobile applications are Airtel, Amazon Pay, Google pay, BHIM, Jiopay, Phonepe, Paytm, Whatsapp pay, and much more. UPI method solved many issues like earlier we use to rush to ATM for payments, sharing bills among friends, utility bill payments, collection, and distribution of money. The best thing about UPI is round a clock availability. The maximum fund Transfer Value is up to 1 lakhs.

  • Banking Apps

With the advancement of technology, financial transactions have become easier, and visiting banks become a rarity. You can make payments through your smartphones round the clock. There are several banking apps but some are the best apps that you should use for making payments. ICICI Bank’s iMobile Application is the highest-rated banking app on the Google play store. It permits its user’s easy fund transfer solution, convenience in payment of the utility and credit card bills, open FD & RD anytime & manage your other policies. Also, the app is updating itself continuously to enhance the user experience. With 4.3 ratings on the Google play store, HDFC Bank Mobile Application is one of the best apps for online transactions in India. Other popular apps like Axis Mobile Application, SBI anywhere personal app, M- connect app by Bank of Baroda is designed for the faster and quicker transaction through your mobile phones.

2.Telephone Transfer

In this payment method, all you need to do is call the telephone number of your bank. You will be guided by some bank’s customer services representative or through an automated recording.

3.In-branch Bank Transfer

If you carry the money in cash, you can go to the bank and pay it into the account of the person directly.

Details required for transfer money from bank to bank

  • Date of payment
  • Person’s name or business you’re paying.
  • IFSC Number of the branch
  • Account Number
  • A payment references
  • Sender’s name and bank address


The answer to how to transfer money online from one bank account to another is simple as due to the advancement of technology, many ways of an online bank transfer are being introduced by Government. By these payment methods, we don’t have to follow the traditional way of paying bills and transferring funds. The regular visits to banks and standing in a long queue are also minimizing. With online banking, we can make payments quickly, safely, and conveniently.