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Hospital Cash Insurance Vs Health Insurance

There is a popular adage that says “We can’t buy good health. However, health can be a greatly worthy savings account.” Life is so uncertain & we are so unsure about ourselves these days. The lifestyle that we follow and the food choices are making our health condition worse even at a very young age. By considering various factors, a health insurance policy is becoming an essential requirement.  Any sudden health emergency can drain you financially & you couldn’t let your loved ones die out of sickness. The diseases that affect the older generation is now affecting people under 45 years. These diseases are caused because of poor lifestyle, unhealthy eating habits, chronic stress, pollution, and not following a routine life. Health insurance is a good investment to cope up with any challenging diseases or sudden illness that can harm both physically and financially. If you are wondering whether you should opt for hospital daily cash or health insurance, you need to check out the pro and cons of these two health plans. Many hospital cash benefits are given to the person who opts for hospital cash plans.

Know whether you should opt for hospital cash insurance or health insurance.

Hospital Cash Insurance

 In hospital cash insurance a fixed amount per day during hospitalization is given to the policyholder. A lump sum amount is given to the person daily to meet the extra expenses during the hospitalization period. hospital cash benefits are a pre-defined benefit. For example, a person bought a DHC policy with a cash benefit of Rs. 2,000 per day of hospitalization for up to 30 days. If the person was hospitalized for six days, he would get Rs. 12,000. Irrespective of the actual medical expenses, the person could be at loss or profit according to the expenses that occurred.  Hospital daily cash plan restricts the number of days per year in a policy & you will be paid double for the limited number of days you spend in ISU. If you take a policy for 30 days of hospitalization then, you have to pay the extra amount from your pocket.

Health insurance policy

 A health insurance policy is useful during a medical emergency. At difficult times, it can be used as a fund for medical expenses. You can pay huge hospital bills and can save your hard-earned money, other assets, and could save your loved ones’ life. You can secure all your family members with health insurance policies.

With the advancement in medical technology, the cost of treatment is also hiking & the number of diseases is also rising. From the consultation fees to ambulance charges to the cost of medicines, one can go bankrupted to fulfill all these demands.

By paying for a short-term health insurance plan premium each year, you could save some amount for any medical emergencies. It will protect your saving & if you opt for a good health insurance plan from a young age, you could save a lot of money for any illness that comes later in life.

Hospital cash benefits are supplementary to your health insurance and short-term health insurance. Adequate health insurance is mandatory for everyone. So, you don’t have to worry about the cost or impatient hospital bills charged by the doctors. Not every extra expense is covered under health insurance.  In this case, hospital cash plans can be utilized for compensating additional expenses. It also covers the loss of income during the period of hospitalization.

iServeU offers hospital daily cash insurance (Hospicash) for just Rs. 635. In which a daily amount of Rs. 500 is provided to the policyholder daily during their days of hospitalization. If somebody gets permanently disabled within one year, then the policyholder can avail up to Rs. 1,00,000 and in case of sudden death lump sum amount of  Rs. 1,00,000 is for the nominee of policyholders. For more info, visit or call us on 8338088000.