How Fintech Companies help rural areas during COVID
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How fintech companies help rural areas avail banking service in this pandemic

The outbreak of the Corona Virus has affected everyone adversely. Our economy got badly hit. Many people lost their job & several giant companies started to downsize their company. People from rural areas suffered a lot due to the unavailability of cash even for essential things. Pandemic pushed everyone to choose digital platforms for everything. Many fintech firms started to provide assistance in rural areas. During the pandemic, several fintech startups are providing banking services to rural areas. The Government initiative to promote a “cashless society” got momentum during this pandemic and these fintech startups keep on updating themselves to serve the citizen of India with their top services.

iServeU- One of the best Fintech companies in India

 During this tough period, iServeU which one of the top fintech companies in India, provides the quickest way to transfer money to various banks in India. Being one of the best fintech companies, it is digitally empowered with a hyper-local payments network. It offers all the banking services like you can enquire your bank balance, deposit cash, withdraw cash, pay utility bills, get Aadhaar enabled services, and make Air time recharge, avail POS services. Like many fintech startups, it is helping children, women, and senior citizens to deposit money in their accounts, lend money, or withdraw money without going to banks. Here is the complete list of services that this fintech bank is providing to rural people during the pandemic period.

  1. Contactless Cash Withdrawals

Like many top fintech companies, iServeU is helping rural people to withdraw money without visiting the bank. All you need is your Aadhaar card or your atm card & the agent will help you to withdraw cash instantly. You can withdraw your money without sharing any confidential data with the agent.

  1. Quick and Easy cash deposit

iServeU offers a quick and easy cash deposit option, all you have to do is contact the agent and give money to him & the rest of the work will be done for you. Fintech bank, iServeU is offering a Domestic money transfer platform that is helping daily wage workers, laborers, and under-banked sections of the society to deposit money in the bank easily. It offers an immediate money deposit and you don’t have to wait in a long queue to make a deposit.

  1. Contactless Cash Transfer

Like many fintech startups, iServeU is on a mission to provide financial services through its agents in backward areas. By contacting iServeU agents, one can transfer money round the clock through IMPS where the transaction happens continuously & installment payment happens in a flash. It offers smooth online transactions without charging any money.

  1. Easy Recharge

Rural people don’t know how to operate different payment methods. They rely on Banks and retailers for money transfer, deposit, or withdrawal. The fintech firm, iServeU helps people to easily recharge their phone by contacting our agent.

  1. iServeU AEPS

iServeU is one of the top fintech companies. Through Aadhaar Enabled Payment System, without sharing your bank account details, you can share funds from one bank account to another quickly. You can do cash withdrawal, AEPS balance inquiry, obtain a mini statement, and do online shopping easily. The total number of transactions is limited to 10 &the amount is up to INR 10,000.

  1. Convenient bank balance inquiry

The pandemic has forced everyone to stay at home, in this situation how can one inquire about their bank balance? It’s simple. You can call any iServeU agent & they can do the work for you within a few seconds.

  1. HospiCash Insurance Plan

iServeU is one of the top fintech companies, that is offering hospital daily cash insurance policy benefits in rural areas. HospiCash Insurance Plan

Funds the determined amount to the recipients even when the expenses are low or high. It gives a regular allowance of Rs.500 to Rs.3000 and the maximum days of hospitalization it covers are usually 30, 60, or 90 days.

  1. Microlending

The micro lending facilities provided by iServeU which is one of the best fintech companies in India, is for everybody, even if you don’t cover the eligibility criteria.

One can avail loans to fulfill their capital needs for any reason without showing any collateral and also minimum documents are required. One can get the capital instantly and make payments. One can avail of this loan online or with the help of a fintech bank agent, one can easily get the loan.

  1. Micro ATM

iServeU micro-ATM is now available in numerous villages. It is connected with all the banks, so through this device, one can easily withdraw their cash by swiping their card. This device is connected with iServeU’s Android app-enabled smartphone through Bluetooth.

Being one of the best fintech companies, iServeU has covered 25000 villages and are associated with 1, 00,000 agents who are working for rural people. If you want to avail of any of the services and the products from iServeU, visit at or call on 08338088000 to know more.