How Micro ATM Service Is Going to Change Your Earning Potential
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How Micro ATM Service Is Going to Change Your Earning Potential

With the advancement in technologies, we are preferring easy to carry goods and easy to access services. The slimmer the thing, the better its performance. Likewise, in the banking sector, everything is turning digital and people are doing transactions online without visiting Banks. Earlier people had to go to the banks for their cash needs and to deposit money they had to stand in long queues. But, now after the demonetization, our society is moving towards a cashless economy.  Alike to bank ATMs, the micro–Automated Teller Machine (ATM) is now another option to make transactions. It is providing services like micro ATM cash withdrawal, cash deposits, balance inquiry, and much more.

The main motto of introducing m-ATM is to withdraw cash at times when ATM machines run dry. Micro ATMs are a mini version of an ATM with key features like the point of sales (POS) and connect banking networks through GPRS for carrying bank-related transactions. It gives a card swipe facility, the miniature ones can even work by means of a unique mark scanner. These micro ATM services are arranged in distant or portable areas.

What is Micro ATM?

 Micro ATM is a mini ATM in which the customers can swipe their debit cards to make daily transactions and this Aadhaar micro ATM price is also affordable that you can easily purchase for your retail shops. Micro ATM can easily connect with its core banking system to provide different services. Besides using Micro ATM for pulling out money, the customers can similarly benefit from different Micro ATM-like cash Deposits, Micro ATM cash withdrawal, Fund Transfer, and Balance Enquiry by completing two or three swipes. Micro ATM is based on a mobile phone connection and would be available at every Banking correspondent. Customers can do identity authenticated and withdraw or deposit money into their bank accounts. To avail of the services, you can search for “Aadhaar micro atm near me”. Micro ATM gives service and assistance with handling all types of issues related to money withdrawal. Earlier people staying in rural areas had to face a lot of problems due to the unavailability of ATMs nearby. But the micro-ATM has solved the problem related to cash deposits and withdrawals.

Can Micro ATM help your business?

 Yes, Micro ATMs can be very helpful to grow your business by adding one more stream of income resources in your business.  As with every successful transaction, you can easily gain commission. The customers would trust the process because they don’t have to show more documents to the retailers, with just their Aadhaar number or fingerprint scanning, they can withdraw the cash. The Aadhaar micro-ATM price is reasonable with assuring returns and in this way, more people would come to your shop for various purposes. People would opt for your shop for cash withdrawals, deposits, fund transfer, and other transactions, and in this way, your income would increase.

Benefits of using Micro ATM:

  • You don’t have to visit Banks
  • You don’t have to look for nearby ATMs
  • You don’t have to worry about any transactions
  • You can do money transfers round the clock
  • You can easily withdraw money
  • You can deposit cash anytime
  • You can carry this portable micro-ATM with you

How can you get Micro ATM for your shop?

 If you are thinking to purchase your first Micro ATM, at that point you may be managing loads of inquiries and indeed, it tends to be a significant testing and overwhelming undertaking for you. As a customer, you can search for “Aadhaar micro atm near me”. Thus, for saving you from all the problems of running to a great extent, you can buy Micro ATM from iServeU. The expense of a Micro ATM or gadget shifts across various help sellers or suppliers. Aadhaar miniature ATM cost is one-time speculation to guarantee proceeded with returns. This Aadhar miniature ATM value can be affirmed with the customer care group of iServeU.

How can Micro ATM help your business?

Micro ATMs can help you to increase your business by adding one more stream of revenue in your business. With every transaction, you can easily gain commission.

It is a simple process of Aadhar Micro ATM that allows your customers to micro-ATM cash withdrawal using just their fingerprint for scanning. iServeU micro-ATM price is moderate with promising returns and it carries more clients to your shop who need to profit offices like Deposit, Fund Transfer, and Balance Enquiry. This will give a lift to your business.

How to use a Micro ATM?

To operate this portal, an individual needs to go through a confirmation cycle, for example, Aadhaar card with fingerprint scanning or card swipe choice. When confirmed, the individual will have the option to choose alternatives for different exchanges like money store, reserve move, eKYC based saving record, Aadhaar cultivating, money withdrawal, balance inquiry request, and administration demand acknowledgment. Note, these choices can be distinctive relying on banks or fintech.

Click on money withdrawal. Enter the needed amount and press okay. Then, select the miniature ATM Bluetooth gadget. Continue to introduce your card in the miniature ATM gadget, keeping the chip on the card outside. At that point, swipe the card in a left to right movement. Enter the ATM card pin code and select the green catch to settle the installment.

You will get a receipt of the exchange on your application screen. This should likewise be possible for balance requests.

For any buy made by your customer, you can again utilize the mATM by utilizing the settlement choice and afterward picking iServeU wallet or Bank account, to finish the deal exchange.

Miniature ATMs permit customers to convey charge cards to do fundamental monetary exchanges. The AEPS frameworks have just reached across 2 lakh client touchpoints, while in excess of 10,000 miniature ATM gadgets spread across the conditions of UP, Bihar, Jharkhand, and Orissa are facilitating monetary tasks for a great many Indians consistently.

iServeU provides Aadhaar Enabled Payment Systems and micro-ATM machine services that tackle these issues most productively. The Aadhaar micro-ATM price is reasonable. They permit fundamental monetary exchanges, for example, Cash Withdrawal and Balance Enquiry. Customers can swipe their debit cards on the machine and withdraw cash as per their needs. Balance inquiry through a protected PIN/ID-based framework should likewise be possible. For more info, visit at