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How Odisha’s local start-up is disrupting the Fin-Tech Industry

Popular finance author Brett King once predicted that – “At 2030, I would say that you probably have two billion people using day to day banking services, independent of banks.” He said disruptions will be so rapid that customer behavior and technology will change the future of financial services. It sparked countless speculations and discussions over the years to address the next big in the finance industry. While many publications abroad were busy printing stories about the about future of banking, a Fin-Tech start-up in Odisha had already set its foot into the future. With revolutionary services like Domestic Money Transfer (DMT), Aadhar ATM and other fully micro enables services on the cloud, iServeU came up as the first financial inclusion solution provider architected on the latest technology stack. A company solely dedicated to make personal banking hassle-free.

It’s a lesser-known fact that despite India being the world’s largest growing economy, less than 2 out of 5 persons today have access to banks, Most of them don’t understand basic bank transactions like cash withdrawal and money transfer and this is due to the lack in financial literacy. Stereotypes and typecasting over the years have separated a certain cluster of the population from using banking service creating a huge gap. To bridge this gap between the bank and unbanked masses, a more sustainable and inclusive financial system was needed to be introduced. The services had to become more relevant & accessible to people.

With the idea of making banks more portable and accessible, the foundations for iServeU were laid to provide end to end banking solutions. iServeU is one of the best Fin-Tech companies in Odisha that taps a very diverse spectrum of people to avail easy and basic banking facilities like Domestic Money Transfer, Cash withdrawals etc. Our aim is to reach every corner of the nation and remotely located unbanked masses with top-notch technology. We believe technology and banking should be for everyone, hence we have partnered with major private banks like RBL Bank, YES Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank, IndusInd Bank, HDFC, ICICI Bank, AXIS Bank and Fino Payments Bank as FI solution provider. We’ve also partnered with several FMCG, SMEs and other co-operative banks to take banking to the doorstep of un-served masses. With a vision of enabling easy banking transactions to simply lives we are moving towards our mission of redefining financial inclusion.