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How to Create Custom Money Transfer Software

Digitalization has changed many things including the way we transfer funds. People are now willing to share their information with the third party and making cashless payments more than paper money payments. One can choose from multiple payments and money transfer platforms but still, many business owners are facing challenges when it comes to payment gateway integration. Due to the security issues and higher user fees charges on using different payment gateways, it is best to create your own money transfer services online. This type of money transfer system software is used to transfer money securely to serve various purposes. The money transfer portal is basically used by business owners to facilitate online payments.

Why should one create their own money transfer system software?

  • Improved in-store & online customer experience
  • Customizable features
  • Satisfy your needs
  • Cut down additional fees
  • Additional Benefits
  • Promote your brand awareness
  • One-click payments

Essential features of money transfer portal

  • Sign up & login
  • Digital wallet
  • Payment status & history
  • Send/request money generate an invoice
  • Templates
  • Notifications

Steps to follow to create money transfer system software:

 Follow these steps to avail of money transfer services online:

Step 1: Research about your target audience

 To provide the best solution to your customer and understand their needs, one must do proper research to provide a truly custom solution that will satisfy your company requirements and your customer choices.

 Step 2: Build a functional Design and Smooth UX

 It’s important to build a functional design and smooth UX for the money transfer system design. It should be simple and easy to use. The design of the software should be user friendly so it prevents its users from making mistakes while operations. You can start researching the UX of your competitors. You need to understand the preferences of your users. To enhance the user experience, all the information and the data must be clearly visible. You can use the color of your choice to accentuate your brand.

Step 3: Validate your prototype

 The process of creating money transfer software is expensive to process. Validate your prototype and allow your users to make the first transaction from the software.

 Step 4: Ensure security

Providing security to your software is a crucial step to follow. Many fraudsters try to hack the software. Ensure proper security of your software before giving money transfer services online.

  • Secure Sockets Layer
  • Face and Touch ID
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Blockchain and AI

 Step 5:  Addition of Regulatory Compliance

 Make sure that you follow all the rules and regulations as per the rules set for fintech companies. Be sure that you haven’t violated any rules.

 Online money transfer service providers in India

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