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Domestic Money Transfer - AEPS

iServeU-A Next Step to Banking Solutions

With the changing technology, there has been advancement in its use too. Many companies have solved the issue related to the banking sector with the help of computer technology. iServeU Technologies Pvt. Ltd is one among those recognized companies who provide the best banking service. It is a startup registered DIPP certified company with more than five years of experience in providing the best technology solutions. We maintain a good partnership with NBFCs, Banks, Corporate BCs, and FI Players. In order to provide the best solutions towards financial inclusion, iServeU made association with the private banks as well. Major focus of the company is to make our nation financially inclusive and there by contributing to the growth of the nation dynamically. Primary and fastest services that iServeU provides are Cash withdrawal, cash deposit, Aadhaar ATM, Domestic Money Transfer, Insurance services, and lot more. Even though our country is advancing towards “Digital India” but still many remote areas face the issue for accessing online bank payment through computer technology. iServeU has come up with a solution towards it. First and final priority of the company is providing better banking solutions to all the people, especially focusing on rural area that requires change in their banking style.

How has Domestic Money Transfer become comfortable in rural areas?

With the change in technology, many factors are improving the way we live. Also, many economists have seen the need for mobile banking. In one year, more than fourfold amount gets transferred. It is all because of digital India demand to make online transactions for each purchase. Here is how iServeU has helped in making Domestic Money Transfer easy for you. It is a crucial solution to developing the gap between bank solutions and the masses through a channel that people trust very quickly. It is a medium where people can easily access money to nearby shops. These days, the “Kirana Stores” have access to laptops and smartphones. And thus, to provide financial services, iServeU has made links to many banks for Domestic Money Transfer.

Why Domestic Money Transfer Might Change Conventional Banking?

Earlier people used to go to the bank for making any transaction. However, time and technology have all changed now. With the improvement in technology, everything is possible with online mode. iServeU provides a way to make an online transaction. Today, we can get every transaction detail online with the necessary facilities with Domestic Money Transfer.

How has Aadhaar ATM become a step solution by iServeU?

The use of ATMs is prevalent these days, at least from the past 32 years. However, there have been many changes in the model of an ATM. ATMs have helped people to avail instant cash. Yet, rural areas still do not know about it due to a lack of literacy. However, this problem is not anymore with the issue of Aadhaar ATM. Primary goal of iServeU to bring on services to solve the financial inclusion problems. We helped people to make transactions hassle-free that has also become a break in personal banking. It has helped people in cash withdrawal and asking for balance enquiry with fingerprint and Aadhaar Card. Now there are no more banking issues, no requirement for IFSC Code or account number. Your Aadhaar card and fingerprint will help in transactions without any cost.

How iServeU made EMI Collection System easy?

iServeU EMI Collection System is the solution by providing agents of Financial Inclusion for collecting loans, a tool for tracking, and thus record maintaining. It is the best solution for the recovery of loam for financial services and banking. Banks have been optimally utilizing iServeU resources to bring transparency in the whole procedure. It has an inbuilt module for the reward calculation.

Bharat Bill Payment System (BBPS) – Easiest Way Without Facing Much Hassle

BBPS system is easily accessible anywhere and anytime to pay bills. Thus it is convenient for the customers to use this system started by iServeU. We deliver the best and reliable services to the customers such that we can complete the payment within days. It has added an excellent advantage to meet all your needs. Also, you have made the payment; you get a confirmation for it.