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iServeU- Digitalizing The Money Transfer

iServeU- Digitalizing The Money Transfer

Money Transfer

Transferring money sitting at home is one among today’s essential, especially for economists. Due to this money transaction rate was developed to more than 82% at once. It includes mobile recharge, bill payments, etc. Thus RBI started to introduce the transactions with ease.

Money transfer in India is now become digitalized, and it is expected to reach $1 trillion by 2023. However, there is a financial gap in India for some areas. 78% of the transactions are still cash-based. iServeU brought a solution to this by introducing Domestic Money Transfer in a simpler way that people could trust them. It is a robust way to make transactions at any bank with in a matter of a few minutes. iServeU has made it easy with adding money to wallet and linking the wallet to the bank account. Thus reduces the visit to bank for cash transactions and deposits. It is an OTP based transaction system. iServeU offers 100% security.

Aadhaar Enabled Payment System

Aadhaar Enabled Payment System is a primary way to get financial services like balance enquiry, cash deposit and withdrawal, and remittance. These services will be available at a low cost in an interoperable way. It has also enabled Aadhaar to Aadhaar fund transferring. Main objective is to empower the customer to use their Aadhaar number to operate their account.

iServeU has played a massive role in this process. They mainly aim to bring the services to deal with financial inclusion in rural areas. It is a way to provide hassle-free banking using Aadhaar Enabled Payment System or ARPS. iServeU makes balance inquiries, cash withdrawal with the help of fingerprint or Aadhaar card easier. IFSC code or an account number need not be remembered but only Aadhaar number has to be. The extra amount has to be paid for this service. It is a reliable and straightforward offering by iServeU because people generally forget their PINs or has to perform hectic banking processes. It is a safe facility provided by iServeU.

Micro ATM

Micro ATM is a device used by most of the Business Correspondents to have easy access to banks. Instant transactions can be done easily. All the advancement in such things is the technology which has simplified our tasks with time. It has made life easier. It is another way to AEPS for cash withdrawal.

iSeveU is a very first company of India to develop the tasks performed with Micro ATM. It is the best way to complete the transactions without any charges. iServeU developed this Micro ATM with the mobile application for reading the card ATM device. Working of this is very secure under the processing of National Financial Switch. iServeU developed this device with connectivity through Bluetooth, which helps in pairing this ATM with the tablet or Android phones. Customer needs only an ATM PIN and a debit card to complete its transaction.