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iServeU- Digitally Securing Online Transactions

iServeU- Digitally Securing Online Transactions

Insurance is considered as a boon for life.  It protects a person from financial losses. It is a form of managing risk in your life. Insurance coverage can be for your health as well as the hospital’s bill payments. Insurance is one of the basic essentials for a person because he can claim the re-embracement for money spent on his health for recovery. But many of the companies will not provide the coverage as mentioned by the policy terms. Many times customers have to face a lot of issues and have to work hard to get the amount back.

iServeU considers its customers as their first and final priority. Hence it considers health insurance along with cash withdrawal and deposit services. Insurance availing is also made as a simple procedure just to ease the customers. Customers need to provide their tiniest details and mobile number to avail of this insurance offer by iServeU. It has made an association with Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd. And thus, it became the first company to provide Kotak Life Insurance. Nowadays customers can handle the medical expenses without worrying about its fee. iServeU provides easy insurance of one to two lakhs with the quick claim procedure. Life coverage policy is provided at affordable and attractive prices. Major benefits are covered by the company includes hospitalization Cash, Permanent Disability, and Death. iSeveU cares for customer’s health as well as customer’s money and hence ensures for the quick services of insurance and health-related issues.


mATM refers to online recharges of DTH, Mobile and Data Card to make post-paid payments. mATM transactions provides many exciting offers as well. mATM is one of the best means of cashless transactions. It has been proved to be a convenient mode to recharge DTH, Mobile, and Data Card. These cards will be directly linked to the account, which helps in keeping a track of the total purchases and spends limited money.

Best attraction of this kind of transaction lies in earning unique offering and rewards after every transactions.  But the biggest drawback is there are be many cases of fraud traced while making online transactions. Frauds will steal the CVV and PIN of the card. This is one of the reasons why India is not totally digitalized.iServeUcares for customers money and hence resolved the problem by introducing few safety measures and thereby assuring the safe operations.iServeU is equipped with trained set of employees to handle such issues.  They also provide the fastest technical transfer services with mATM.

Bill Payment

Bill Payment is an online facility provided to the customers for paying bills through online. Different utility bill payments include Mobile bill Payments, Electricity Bill Payment, Insurance payments, etc. Online bill payment has increased the comfort zone for the customers. It keeps the information confidential and thereby makes every transaction safe and secure. Money management is also made simple due to its ecological methods. However, payment processors may charge some extra fees for paying the bills online.

iServeU has helped in resolving the issues related online bill payment. iServeU knows the importance of every data and hence keeps it confidential and safe. Online payments and online purchases have simplified the shopping process simpler and thereby providing a wide range of collections.iServeU uses advanced encryption algorithms and thereby safeguards its clients from cybercriminals. They have a well-trained set of employees to handle online transaction process and thereby maintaining payments mode of their customers in a secured way.