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iServeU Rendering EMI Collection Software Smartly to Make System efficient and Agile

iServeU Rendering EMI Collection Software Smartly to Make System efficient and Agile

Cash Withdrawal

Cash Withdrawal allows the users to have money in-hand by either visiting a bank branch or an ATM. ATMs can work in-hand for 24 hours on every day basis apart from time it is running out of cash.

However, ATMs and banks are available in each area of the country. People residing in rural and backward regions face a major hurdle of money withdrawal due to the unavailability of the bank facilities. Since iServeU has always focused on empowering the rural sector. They provide the facility of linking their Aadhaar number with their bank account. Hence rural residents can now avail cash and even check bank balance anywhere and anytime. iServeU has made its primary focus on semi-urban and rural residents. The main motive is to fulfill the demand for ATMs and the banks in these areas.

iServeU has adopted the following two methods after lots of research:

  • Micro ATMHelps inATM Withdrawal with Debit Card
  • Aadhaar ATM– Provides Aadhaar Enabled Payment System

Cash Deposit

Cash Deposit refers to depositing money in the bank account either by visiting the branch or the nearby ATM. It allows clients for offering cash dumping to the customers those who visit them.

ATM cash deposit is available for 24 hours and seven days. Also, it works on holidays. But the fact is, people cannot avail ATM services everywhere or by sitting at home. For them, iServeU has brought the best solutions for cash deposit with 100% cross-banking money deposit even by easily sitting at home. This service works for every day for 24 hours. Cash deposit at iServeU is with the help of the Domestic Money Transfer service that they provide. Now the customers need not have any fill slips or documents for cash deposit as they do visit a bank. This will also save paper wastage and save the resource of the country. Mobile numbers will work for a customer who wants to transfer money from one bank account to another conveniently.

EMI Collection Software

EMI collection software is an efficient tool to help the agents of any financial institution to collect EMI loans from the people. Thus it helps to maintain the real-time record of the customers online.

iServeU has successfully implemented this feature for lending money, collection loans, and to maintain records of the people. Due to the use of advanced technology EMI collection and agile methods are made more efficient. This service provided by iServeU has helped many banks and other financial institutions for successful loan recovery. It has helped agents to handle the end to end process for the collection. Also, it has reduced cost for collecting and thus saving your valuable time. It has provided real-time EMI loan collection and brings transparency in their work. The collection of loans by iServeU is through various ways, including online fund transfer, wallets, and banks. iServeU’s contribution is remarkable in the banking sector.