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Neo Banking

Neo Banking : Replacing the Need of Physical Banking Infrastructure

In the future, banking is evolving and so are we. In the new Neo Age, we’ve been able to innovate our banking system with more efficiency and lessening on fees.

The next big thing in banking, Neo banks have made it possible for people to own their money again by giving them more control than ever before in history with our modern technology-driven society that’s always on-the go.

A lot of people are talking about a new banking system called Neobanking.

 What is it, and how does one get into this exciting world?

Neobanking is a full-fledged banking system that gives you complete control of your finances. It is completely digital with no physical presence or bank branch. It offers the same benefits of any traditional bank but with all the new features that today’s consumers need.

  • NeoBanks also offer more than traditional banks such as 24/7 customer support, smartphone applications and extra security to make sure your money is safe at all times.
  • As it is a new banking service, some people might still feel apprehensive about using it and prefer to stick with traditional banks. But many of the popular traditional banks and financial institutions have started using their own Neobanking system with an easy to use website and secure smartphone app.

Neobanking is popular in most industrialized countries, but there are some that still have not made the switch. Some countries that do not even offer traditional banking service to their citizens are beginning to use Neobanks for its many benefits.

If you’re worried about your money, don’t be! It’s best to provide yourself with all the information you need to make an informed decision. And that’s what we’re here for!

Neobanking offers many benefits, the biggest of which is having complete control over your finances at all times.

  • You can check your balance, transfer funds between accounts and pay bills whenever it suits you best.
  • One of the greatest benefits of Neobanking is that it puts an end to fees for using non-Neo Banks ATMs. Instead, they will typically charge you 1/3 less than their competitors to withdraw cash or make a deposit at any ATM. This also applies to any transactions you make at the bank, so withdrawing money in your local currency will cost less too.

Since iServeU is like a Neo Banks offer easy to use payment gateway and have a 24/7 customer support, you’ll be able to address any issues that may arise without having to worry about going into a branch or speaking with a person who might not understand the situation.