Understanding the benefits of Hospital Daily Cash Plans | Bill Payment

Understanding the benefits of Hospital Daily Cash Plans

Life is uncertain, one can get ill at any point in time. But, one thing is in our hands that is securing our life with some scheme that at least covers the heavy bills charged by doctors and other expenses that occurred during hospitalization. Gone are those days, when our grandparents were so sure about themselves and used to live longer. Nowadays, even youths are suffering from incurable diseases, and the lifestyle, they are following is heading them to chronic diseases. According to the NSO report, the majority of Indians don’t have health insurance or are unaware of the hospital cash benefitsNational Sample Survey (NSS) findings explain that over 80 percent of Indians don’t possess any health expenditure coverage. One must have one health care plan to cover up any health-related expenditure and if you have a health plan you must add the hospital daily cash plan to get more benefits in case of any medical emergency.

What is Hospital Daily Cash Plans?

 It is a type of health plan that offers a certain amount to you for each day you are hospitalized.

Key Features of Daily Hospital Cash Policy

  • Defined daily hospital cash benefit plan

The plan pays the fixed amount to the beneficiaries even if the expenses occurred are low or high.

  • Fixed Paid Amount

The amount paid during the issuance of a policy would remain the same till the end of the hospital daily cash policy.

  • Fixed daily cash limit

The health policy provides a daily allowance of Rs.500 to Rs.3000 and you can choose the amount before enrolling in the daily hospital cash policy.

  • Increased daily allowance for ICU patients

If someone is an ICU patient, the daily allowance increases two-fold. Some policy offers additional benefits in case surgery is needed.

  • Fixed Permitted number of hospitalization days

One thing, one must know before choosing this plan is that it doesn’t cover Day care procedures. The maximum days of hospitalization the plan covers are usually 30,60, or 90 days.

Daily hospital cash benefits:

  • Liberty to use lump-sum amount provided by the policy

Even when your health care policy covers up all your hospitalization expenses it fails to cover up the additional expenses that occurred during your visit to the hospital like transportation expenses, any accessories expenses, X-ray charges, or if you have accompanied with your family member. But, in the case of the Hospital’s daily cash policy, you can avail of a lump sum amount and use it according to your needs. You can compensate for the other expenses as well.

  • Cover up any extra hospital bills

 If you have a health plan that covers your hospital bills in that case also you can’t rely on it completely. The daily hospital cash policy would cover up any extra claims you might face along with the hospital bills.

  • You can preserve your No claim bonus (NCB)

You can use your daily hospital cash policy if you have faced some minor health issues that cost you a less amount. In this way, you can preserve your No claim bonus (NCB) and avail yourself a complete health plan benefit.  By raising a claim for a small amount, you might lose the benefits of the No claim bonus. The daily hospital cash benefit is considered as supplementary to your existing health plan

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