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What We Do & Why We are Different

You might have gone through many pages from this website but still wondering what we offer and how it can be beneficial for you?

Put simply, we at iServeU help people living in rural areas to avail financial services with ease and make the complexity in financial transactions simple that stands in the way.

We offer services like AEPS, DMT, BBPS that can help you to withdraw, deposit, transfer and pay bills from a single portal through my digital payment.

We offer white label portal so you can provide these services under your logo and brand. Our only motto is to reach each and every corner of India and make the financial transaction process simple and easy for all. We have designed a portal in such a way that anyone can understand it without getting confused. Any retailer can use and explain the process to customers easily. iServeU’s innovative software makes cash withdrawal, deposit, and transfer easier, faster, and more effective for customers and rural people.

 What does iServeU do?

We deliver three different CORE products to our retailers, distributors and customers: AEPS, DMT, and MicroATM. Together, our solutions help retailers, customers, distributors, and individuals to make easy transactions without standing in a long queue as well as it helps them to earn some extra commissions. We save people their time, reduce travelling costs, increase revenue, provide health insurance through Kotak hospicash, loans and much more to make their life better.

 So why is iServeU different?

 We’ve been solving your concerns and simplifying work since 2016. We aim at providing financial services to unbanked and underbanked people through iServeU partner’s retail network.  iServeU isn’t some new Fintech startup in India, but a new concept in Odisha. After demonetization, it was the rural people, daily wage workers, women and children who got affected the most. Many people were forced to open their bank accounts but the lack of infrastructure like banks and ATMs were the huge challenge.

  1. Our AEPS portal is the engine that helps customers make easy transactions, save their time and hassle.
  2. We provide one stop solution for all your financial needs
  3. You can earn a decent amount of commission from our AEPS services
  4. We’re proud to be trusted by the biggest brands in India.
  5. Our products and services are free from technical issues and bugs.



iServeU provides easy to operate financial solutions like Cash Withdrawal, cash deposit and Balance Enquiry services to the Customers. For more info, visit at Call Us 08338088000