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Which Are The Most Successful Fintech Startups In India?

With the advancement in technology, everything is turning digital, becoming easy to access, and saving our precious time. Earlier when we were not technically advanced and financial services were not embedded with technology, we had to stand in a long queue for cash withdrawal, balance inquiry, money transfer, etc. But, now we don’t have to rely on banks for every transaction. Many Fintech companies are evolving and spreading their reach all over the world. FinTech is a combination of finance & technology, and it is changing the future of the financial world. The fintech companies are providing automatic delivery & use of financial services. All the fintech through software & algorithms are helping companies and consumers to manage financial operations with ease & convenience. Now we can make financial transactions through our smartphones and laptops. Check out the list of fintech companies in Mumbai. The fintech company, iServeU is one of the top 10 fintech companies in India that is evolving and developing its branches in Bengaluru and Mumbai.

 iServeU – The Leading Fintech Startup in India

 iServeU is within the top 10 fintech startups in Eastern India. It provides several financial services including cash deposit, cash withdrawal, balance inquiry, bill payment, Aadhaar enabled services, Airtime recharge, PoS services, and products like micro ATMs to companies and retailers. Its main motto is to provide convenience and ease to the people of India while making online transactions.  Mainly, the products are for rural people, migrant laborers, daily wage workers, unbanked and underbanked masses of India.

iServeU- Services

  • ``U provides micro ATM or mATM to its users through which one can easily withdraw money. It is a card swiping device and all banks are connected with their core banking system. This mATM allows debit cards and you can easily swipe your card as well as inquire about your balance.
  • Life Insurance & HospiCash

 iServeU prioritizes health before everything. For this reason, iServeU offers Life Insurance & HospiCash facilities to everyone with a minimum annual premium. iServeU is the first Indian company to launch Kotak life insurance and Hospicash.

  • BBPS & Recharge

 iServeU is an online portal that offers BBPS services through which you can pay your bills easily. Now you don’t have to visit different places to pay your utility bills. It is basically for people who live in rural areas and fail to pay utility bills on time. You can recharge your mobile phones through iServeU products and services.

iServeU is one of the top 10 fintech companies in India that offers all the financial services to its customers so they don’t have t rely on banks for their cash requirements. It has its branches in Bengaluru and Mumbai. You can check out the list of fintech companies in Mumbai. There are many different types of fintech companies and they are evolving to help their customers and performing like banks. iServeU is on the list of the top 10 fintech startups and it has a mission to reach and cover all underdeveloped areas where people are unable to visit banks or make financial transactions easily. For more info, visit at