Extending Craft-Wining One-Stop CASA Portals With Assured Compliance

Our advanced and futuristic API-based Neobanking-as-a-service platform will help you with your own CASA portal with the maximum ease and minimum time-to-market.

Completely Licensed and Branded CASA Portals

No matter if you are intending to extend solutions to consumers or businesses, our cutting-edge API-based CASA portals assist you to empower your customers with digital current and savings accounts featuring a multitude of smart functionalities. Making this even more personalized for you, our white-labeled solutions enable you to extend your own branded CASA portals to the market.

Your Benefits with Our CASA Portals

Looking forward to launching your own CASA portal? Here are the reasons you should count us in to help you with your CASA portal.

  1. Faster Time to Market

    We ensure both technical and legal preparedness to market within the least possible time.

  2. Fully Tailored Offerings

    Our APIs are versatile and you can use them for a multitude of different use cases.

  3. Newer Revenue Streams

    Our smart banking features and functionalities will let you add a plethora of new revenue channels to your key business.

  4. Customer Engagement

    Gain insights into the spending habits of your customers and develop impactful customer engagement strategies.

  5. Competitive Pricing

    We offer the best admin portals at the lowest possible cost.

  6. Lower Turnaround Time

    We won’t compel you to postpone your launching time. Plan your launch date, rest assured you will get your product delivered before that.

  7. Unprecedented Scalability

    Our APIs feature absolutely high scalability. This lets you expand your banking abilities across geographical boundaries.

  8. Quick and Reliable Helpdesk

    Our dedicated support team is always listening to your queries actively and is on the mark to resolve your issues within the quickest time possible.

Functionalities So Smart That Make Your Digital Banking Life So Simple!

Still thinking why choose us? Well, when you choose white-label CASA portals from iServeU, you choose all of the following goodies:

  1. Super Simple End to End Digital Transformation of Banking Accounts

    Let your customers open current and savings accounts with absolutely simple end-to-end application processing.

  2. Easy Zero Hassle Onboarding

    Onboard customers in the least steps and fewest clicks.

  3. Card Issuance

    Offer your customers personalized debit/credit cards and manage the cards easily.

  4. Quick Fund Transfer

    Your customers will have the ability to conduct all kinds of fund transfers, including NEFT, IMPS, and RTGS right after creating their account.

  5. Fully Up-to-Date Analytics

    Let your customers access their spending behavior, account balance, etc. in a user-friendly landscape, in real time.

How It Works? – The CASA Process Flow in Brief

Current Account Work Flow

  1. Multiple Account Creation

    Let your customers open multiple accounts and go live within the minimum time.

  2. Balance Tracking

    Enable your customers to track transactions, monitor account balance, and scrutinize overall account health.

  3. Easy Disbursal & Collections

    Automate the entire disbursal and collection processes, depending upon your requirements.

  4. Multi-Bank Advantage

    The multi-bank architecture can help you survive through potential unexpected downtimes and other unfortunate interruptions.

Saving Account Work Flow

  1. Fully Digital Onboarding

    Offer your customers a completely digital onboarding experience.

  2. Card Issuance

    Issue virtual or plastic cards to your customers and let them make purchases easily.

  3. Integrated Investments

    Facilitate various investments including RDs and FDs on your website and Android application.

  4. Multi-Bank Support

    Get aided with our wide array of banking partners with a single API.

Frequently Asked Questions

A current account savings account (CASA) offers the benefits of both a current account and a savings account. It offers low rate of interest on current account and a comparatively higher interest rate on savings account. There is no specific maturity date for this type of account and it is generally used for the consumers’ daily savings and banking needs.
A current account savings account (CASA) operates just like a traditional bank account, letting the consumers’ use funds at their will. It offers an amalgamation of the functions of current and savings accounts. This non-term deposit offers consumers immediate fund access. A CASA offers a higher profit margin to banks and happens to be a cheaper funding source for financial institutions.
At iServeU, we offer our channel partners advanced white label CASA portals. After availing CASA portals from us, you can launch the same with your own branding and market it to your target audience. We take the responsibility of complete integration of out portal in your system and the entire set up process does not take more than a few days. We have an actively serving helpdesk and are continually dedicated towards attending your queries and issues on priority.
No, we will deliver you white label CASA portal, which you can launch with your own brand name and logo. We will only be responsible for the development part and you can launch and market the product completely with your own branding.
The turnaround time will depend on your portal requirements. However, we ensure our channel partners lowest possible turnaround time and quickest time-to-market in the industry.
The pricing of our CASA portal will depend on your portal requirements. However, we guarantee the most competitive pricing in the industry. Please contact our business team with your enquiries.
Our dedicated support team is always active to attend your issues and queries on priority. You can ensure your customers seamlessly use the CASA portal; rest assured you will always be backed by our robust technical team for any potential glitch at any time.

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