Extending Full Stack CMS Capabilities for All Business Types

We are motivated to empower you with smart white-label CMS platforms that can help manage all financial aspects, starting from AP and AR to reconciliations and reimbursements.
CMS Capabilities

A Dedicated Cashflow Management System to Fuel Growth-Focused Business

Bid goodbye forever to huge spreadsheets that are tedious and prone to manual errors. Visualize your daily cashflow on a single screen and manage every unit of your finance seamlessly.
Pull out human effort from the equation and invest the same time in better business strategizing rather than having a tough time with numbers.
Better account management means, at all times, you have a clearer idea of where your business is and what you can do with your capital.
A well-built CMS at your fingertips means you have solutions to all cash-related queries right at the tip of your tongue.
Making informed cashflow decisions can also lead to pro-active savings on business capital.
With all relevant cashflow data on a single platform, you can ensure 100% transparency is being managed at each step of finance management.
Cash Visibility & Management

Smarter Functionalities for Better Cash Visibility & Management

Our CMS platforms are power-packed with advance features and functionalities that can help you ace your finances!

Get ready to save hours on cash management with our fully automated platform!

Manage Finances Like Never Before!

The Thrilling AP Automation at Its Best!

Create and send debit notes at the blink of an eye.

Link your current account and make payouts in minutes

Enjoy streamlined payables management by integrating online banking

Keep track of all aged payables

The Advantageous AR Automation at Its Best!

Create and send credit notes and bills at the blink of an eye.

Enjoy streamlined receivables management by integrating payment gateway

Set credit limits for vendors

Send timely automated reminders to vendors

Keep track of all aged receivables

Send e-invoices to vendors right in time with state-of-art digital capabilities.

Generate and maintain e-bookkeeping reports

Keep track with cash-in-bank and cash-in-hand at one place

Take advantage of a wide array of payment options

Experience automated Accounts
Expense Management

Become a Pro in Expense Management!

File your expense report in the most streamlined manner.

Handle your cash payments with the maximum ease.

Manage all your reimbursements at a single place.

Set expense limits and assign virtual cards to designated members.

Automate Reconciliation with Extreme Ease!

Link all your bank accounts and experience automated bank reconciliation.

Maintain track between customers and inbound payments with the help of virtual accounts.

Keep human errors at bay.

Automate Reconciliation

Why Avail White-Label Payouts Platform from Us?

Looking forward to launching your own payouts platform? Here are the reasons you should count on us:
Competitive pricing
Competitive pricing

We offer the best payouts platform at the lowest possible cost.

Lower turnaround time
Lower turnaround time

We wonโ€™t compel you to postpone your launch date. Plan your launch date; rest assured you will get your product delivered before that.

Faster go-to-market time
Faster go-to-market time

We ensure both technical and legal preparedness to market within the least possible time.

Industry compliance
Industry compliance

We abide by the highest standards of security of the banking infrastructure industry.

Improved customer loyalty
Improved customer loyalty

Our payouts platforms are highly secure and reliable and thus help build and improve customer trust and loyalty.

Payouts to Bank Accounts
High customizability

We offer payouts platform, tailored completely to suit client needs.

Quick and reliable helpdesk
Quick and reliable helpdesk

Our dedicated support team is always listening to your queries actively and is on the mark to resolve your issues within the quickest time possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? Find your answers below.

Cash management refers to the complete process of analyzing and managing the cashflow of a business. Streamlining cashflow can help a business achieve financial stability.
Cash management helps a business in ways innumerable, including:
  1. Getting an insight of account receivables.
  2. Making vendor and employee payments right in time.
  3. Planning business expenditures, including investments.
  4. Analyzing financial health and preparing for expansion.
  5. Strengthening the business goal and setting new milestones.
  6. Ensuring smooth cashflow and preventing insolvency and bankruptcy.
At iServeU, we offer our channel partners advanced white label CMS platforms. After availing CMS platforms from us, they can launch the same with their own branding and market it to their target audience.
No, we will deliver you white label CMS platform, which you can launch with your own brand name and logo. We will only be responsible for the development part and you can launch and market the product with completely your own branding.
The turnaround time will depend on your platform requirements. However, we ensure our channel partners lowest possible turnaround time and quickest time-to-market in the industry.
The pricing of our CMS platform will depend on your platform requirements. However, we guarantee the most competitive pricing in the industry. Please contact our business team with your enquiries.
Our dedicated support team is always active to attend your issues and queries on priority. You can ensure, your customers seamlessly use the CMS platform, rest assured you will always be backed by our robust technical team for any potential glitch at any time.
Donโ€™t find your answer above? Contact us right away for any queries and let us know how we can help you.