Fraud Risk Management system

Our advanced is designed to safeguard banks against fraudulent activities. With its preventive and detective modules, rules-based transaction checks, and self-learning ML models, it provides real-time detection of suspicious activities, keeping your banking operations secure. It's anti-money laundering capabilities and advanced features make it the ultimate solution for mitigating risks and protecting your business. iServeU will send a report to the bank on a daily basis highlighting suspicious activities across CSP points.

Preventive Module: A module within our FRM solution that offers a proactive approach to fraud prevention.

Detective Module: The module that provides real-time detection of suspicious activities.

iServeU's FRM and Monitoring solutions

List Management and Modelling

AI modeling and list management (including hot listing, safe listing, and moderation lists) to supplement detection via rules. Enhanced rules complement the AI models to effectively analyze transactions and detect fraud efficiently to reduce the number of false positives and false negatives. Ability to introduce industry-wide collaboration of hot listing.

Analytics / Data Lake

Enhanced features such as biometric profiling, risk scoring, Match Data, and non-monetary vulnerability data to build stronger models and prioritize high-risk transactions for fraud and scam prevention and detection.

Automated Alerts

Introduction of specific fraud and scam alert generation, utilizing automated methods to contact the customer, and feedback loops.

Specific Agent Intervention

Introduction of specialized fraud intervention with necessary agent training.