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Domestic Money Transfer (DMT)


iServeU is one of the top business correspondent in India. It has developed Domestic Money Transfer platform to help the daily wage workers, laborers and to the under-banked sections of the society who are facing problems in cash deposit and money transfer services. This DMT platform is very easy and convenient, now you can transfer money to any bank account immediately. You don’t need to wait or stand in long queues and fill out form to deposit cash.

Instead of accessing smartphones and internet, this product enables end customers to deposit cash through our technology driven agents. Our agents are available in non-banking hours, holidays and even in festive occasions.
Money Transfer Services. As the name infers, cash transfer administrations offer the office to move cash to someone else or business which might be on the opposite side of the globe, for the most part in practically no time.

DMT fund transfer portal charges:

To place into basic words, Domestic Money Transfer is a help offered by different organizations/offices to transfer cash starting with one record then onto the next record inside the nation.

Domestic Money Transfer works accurately equivalent to how Mobile Recharge functions, the main distinction is that instead of the portable number you have to give the recipient financial balance number, IFSC Code and the sum which must be moved out of the stroll in customers. Complete your transfomation by filling your web structure. The recipient record will be credited the aggregate inside 5-10 seconds.

APIs are used by plenty of banks all over the world. They’re  really significant part of the banking system. They can be used to get data both for external and internal use. They’re also used to collect data. APIs can also be used by international organizations such as the World Bank and many others who have large datasets with users in various places all around the globe who should access it.

DMT Company:

Our direct money transfer administration offers an advantage and financially savvy answer for transferring cash to any ledger anyplace in India for individual reason.

DMT Distributor Services:

We are giving Domestic Money Transfer (DMT) administrations in organization with banking establishments. Our Money Transfer framework is result of  study and nonstop up-degree for more than 2 years.

Our services are promptly accessible in our outlets broadly spread in different urban communities, and we expect to develop our scope in the occasions to stop, by offering the administrations through our operator areas spread over the topography of the nation. We persistently help all stroll in clients to effectively transfer cash on the web, regardless of whether they don’t have any ledger, to some other financial balance in India.

DMT White Label Portal:

White Label demonstrates that it has no mark. You can undoubtedly mark it for yourself. We at iServeU give Domestic Money Transfer White Label Portal. You’re Own Brand, Your own Domain Name and Your Own Logo pick your own site shading mix and compose your own organization data in about us, reach us at different pages. We will give an administrator board and through your administrator control board you can make boundless retailers, wholesalers and super merchants. We don’t give DMT Service just, yet we additionally give a total business answer for your business which incorporates 100+ IT Services.

Facts about white label software and API:

It is an excellent plan to begin your own Money Transfer, AEPS, Mobile revive Portal. Building up your own B2B gateway encourages you to handily make and look after Retailers, Distributors and Master Distributors however building up your own B2B Portal isn’t that simple errand. It comprises of a couple of complex phases: Software DevelopmentAPI IntegrationApplication Development.

Required documents for white label portal:

  • Directors Photo ID and Address proof.
  • Company Incorporation Certificate.
  • Company Address Proof
  • Company cancel cheque
  • Bank statement

DMT API Software:

The DMT API Software is ongoing application permitting transferring money office to any bank which is supporting IMPS or NEFT method of exchanges. It is exhaustive and completely highlighted application programming that deals with all parts of your cash move business. Our cash move application programming is completely protected and secure permitting income system work transfer administration in a single tick. This cash dispatch programming gives you hearty answer for your cash settlement business. It would change your business cycle and every day activities to support your business benefit and dreams.

The money transfer service and administration given by iServeU API Software to cash settlement operators or business. It’s a b2b arrangement supportive for clients to move the asset effectively and rapidly. B2b cash move programming and application permits client to move cash in any bank rapidly.

Our organization building made sure about money transfer programme helping the entrepreneurs to maintain their business with no difficulty. You can feel guaranteed about the cash settlement administration that we give through the protected cash move API. We comprehend the strategy of cash move API and use them appropriately which is an assistance to building a straightforward stage for dealing with an expert business. We help you to succeed your cash move business by offering the best and the most precise cash move programming arrangement. We are the product organization helping you to construct the best quality and highlighted cash move programming for your cash move business need.

We furnish the product that effectively controls with web board or cell phone, it implies all your business specialists can utilize cash move administration through the web board or versatile application to bring in cash exchange in any bank through the cycle of IMPS or NEFT without any problem.

Our API is composed around GET JSON and is returned by all API reactions, including mistakes. We permit you to associate safely with our API from a customer side web application yet you ought to never uncover your mystery API key in any open site’s customer side code

Pixies/NEFT limit is:

Least Transaction Amount Rs. 100

Max Rs 5,000/ – per sender per exchange

Rs 100000/ – per sender every month (No KYC)

Utilizing our API, we can enable your business to move cash into any ledger with any bank inside India. We permit you to add recipients legitimately into your applications and settle installments according to your benefit. We have built up a fluctuated heap of API that empower you to :

Cycle little worth money related exchanges through IMPS/NEFT

Confirm ledger subtleties of a client in a split second

Our API is sorted out around GET JSON is returned by all API reactions, including blunders. We permit you to connect safely with our API from a customer side web application however you ought to never uncover your mystery API key in any open site’s customer side code

Portrays the exchange stream for a cash move exchange :

Client ENQUIRY : API will approve a current client, a request can be made to check if a client with a portable number exists or not on the stage.


Can I send money from my bank to another?

No we can only send from wallet to bank with Money transfer services. Numerous banks permit free bank-to-bank moves in case you’re shipping off another record that you own. You will simply need to connect the two records. … When you make the connection, you would then be able to send cash effectively between the two banks. Note that bank-to-bank moves can take a couple of days to measure.

How can I start a money transfer business in India?

One can start money transfer business in India through PAN India with domestic money transfer distributor. Online cash settlement business arrangement is exceptionally simple. You simply need one shop of any estimate and have moment cash move specialist entry. Gather the cash from the sender in real money, embed the beneficiary’s record data, enter the cash and press the send button.

How can I send money instantly to my bank account?

one can send money instantlly to bank account using the domestic money transfer service app from iServeU.A bank move happens when you send cash electronically starting with one financial balance then onto the next. They can be made to a record, regardless of whether it’s a current, sparing or business account, making it a straightforward and brisk approach to help loved ones or pay providers, school expenses or different bills.

How do I send money domestically?

one can send money instantlly to bank account using the domestic money transfer company (DMT) service app. Dmt is the perfect money transfer service app for transferring money to people around in India.Domestic cash transfers are processed easily and instantly.

How much does it cost to transfer money?

the domestic money transfer charges depends upon the retailer service charges.Notwithstanding, the most extreme sum that be moved is Rs 2 lakh. This office is accessible just through Internet banking. On a check card, there are generally two kinds of charges.

What is the process of domestic money transfer portal?

“the process of domestic money portal is that after enrollment of customer mobile no , we can send money using customer account details. There are two strategies to transfer money (Domestic Money Transfer) IMPS and NEFT.

• Maximum limit Per Sender Per Transaction is Rs 5,000
• Maximum limit Per Sender Per Month Rs 10,000 without KYC and with KYC Rs 25,000
• Instalment settles inside 5-10 Seconds
• Instalment can send 24*7
• Supports only IMPS supported Banks.

• Maximum limit Per Sender Per Transaction is Rs 25,000
• Maximum limit Per Sender Per Month Rs 25,000 without KYC and with KYC Rs 50,000
• Instalment can be send just on working days and long periods of RBI
• Supports all banks in India
• Payment is processing as batch wise and requires 2-8 hours to settle

Can you transfer funds from one account to another?

no domestic fund transfer could be done from wallet to account. In the event that you have to move cash between two records that you own, a bank-to-bank move could be your smartest choice. This is an advanced installment that commonly fills in as an ACH installment. … Numerous banks permit free bank-to-bank moves in case you’re shipping off another record that you own. You will simply need to connect the two records

How DMT software Works?

the DMt software works as The DMT customer permits clients to make, oversee and run concentrates and loads from a windows UI. Concentrates and loads can be run on request from the customer. The DMT administration contains the DMT scheduler that consequently runs concentrates and loads at explicit occasions, dates or stretches.

What is DMT White Label Portal?

DMT White label Portal It empowers walk – in clients even without a ledger from spot of move, to move assets to any financial balance anyplace in India. Our prepared retailers’ offer advantageous exchange of cash into the beneficiary’s ledger at a helpful time even past financial hours. white label alludes to an item or administration that is created by one organization and offered to another organization that puts its own logo and brand name on the item or administration. So white name is only a readymade item with almost no customization and venture.

Key Highlights:

  • Single Page Remittance App
  • Transfer Money in 3 Clicks
  • 450+ Banks available in Platform
  • Beneficiary Verification
  • Smart Beneficiary Addition
  • Automatic Refund
  • Bulk Transfer
  • Secure & Risk Mitigation
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