Life Insurance & HospiCash


Life Insurance is an agreement or legal contract between insurance policy holder (customer) and the insurance provider. The customer pays some money on behalf of the beneficiary in exchange of a premium. These facilities are applicable upon death or injury of beneficiary/policy holder. The customer pays amount either monthly basis or at a time. If we will see the history, Life Insurance is being offered by banks always and this is available for tech-savvy customers. The workers, labours and unbanked people are far from access of these kind of facilities. Even some Insurance broking agencies are putting a lot of efforts, but it’s very tough to reach the last mile rural connectivity. We at iServeU believe, Insurance is not a service it’s a basic need and it should be accessible to each and every one. In order to mitigate that gap iServeU is providing Life Insurance and HospiCash facility at all BC Agent outlets in association with Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd.

Along with deposit and withdraw services, approaching customers can also avail insurance policy at iServeU touch points by providing their mobile number and minimum details. In association with Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd, iServeU was the first company in India to launch Kotak Life Insurance and HospiCash at retail points.

1 Lakh and 2 Lakhs- these 2 variants of policies are available under Kotak Life Insurance. HospiCash is the most affordable insurance policy available in current Indian market. 3 kinds of insured benefits are available under HospiCash- Hospitalization Cash, Permanent Disability and Death.




Hospitalization Cash

Hospitalization Cash

Daily cash amount of Rs 500 paid to the policyholder for each day of Hospitalization ( Max. 30 day per year ) in any hospital. Produce the discharge certificate to avail the benefit. Pre-existing diseases waiting period applicable

Permanent Disability

Permanent Disability

Up to Rs 1,00,000 benefits for Permanent Total Disability due to accident within 1 year of availing the policy. E.g: Loss of Limbs, Complete loss of eyesight etc.

Death Hospicash


Rs 1,00,000 of insurance payment to nominees of policy holder if death occurs is due to accident then eligility for payment of Rs 2,00,000

Key Highlights:

  • Life Insurance of 1 Lakh & 2 Lakhs
  • Easy Claim Process
  • Higher Margin Structure
  • Affordable Life Cover
  • 3 insured benefits in a single policy


Q. How customer will get policy confirmation?
A. Through SMS, Agent Invoice and Customer will get policy kit at his address through Speed Post.
Q. What is the payment mode for Sampoorn Bima?
A. Payment at a Time.
Q. Monthly Payment facility is available?
A. No. The chargeable amount is too less.