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Micro ATM (mATM)


Micro ATM or mAtm is a card swiping device where all banks are connected with their core banking systems. This mAtm device has facilities to swipe debit card or insert chip enabled debit cards. Micro ATMs are man-handled point of sale terminals which can be deployed in any retail point, kirana shops or any stores. This device connects with iServeU’s Android app enabled smartphone through Bluetooth.

Micro ATM Cash Withdrawal:

Using the mATM device and smartphone, business correspondent agent (BC Agent) can disburse services like; Cash Withdraw and Balance Enquiry by swiping a debit card and using 4 digit ATM PIN.
To fortify the utilization of Micro ATMs, iServeU Fintech Solution Provider organization committed towards applying blade tech answers for accomplish more noteworthy budgetary incorporation, has made another solid stride towards this goal through its ‘Micro ATMs’ comparative in configuration to Point-of-Sale card machines.
It has just been revealing the money withdrawal office over its 2,00,000 dealer focuses through Aadhaar Enabled Payment System. It keeps on adding a huge number of traders to this organization consistently.
Micro ATMs permit clients conveying check cards to do fundamental budgetary exchanges. The AEPS frameworks have just reached across 2 lakh client touchpoints, while in excess of 10,000 miniature ATM gadgets spread over the conditions of UP, Bihar, Jharkhand and Orissa are facilitating budgetary tasks for a great many Indians consistently.
iServeU Micro ATMs intend to connect this developing need hole by permitting clients to do fundamental monetary exchanges by engaging neighborhood retailers and kirana storekeepers with these gadgets. The AEPS frameworks enable even the most minimized and underserved Indians, bringing the comfort of thumb-print empowered exchanges at their doorstep.


MATM device is portable and easy to use. It is a way more cost effective than Bank’s large ATMs or any branch. iServeU was the first company to launch Micro ATM in India on the month of September , 2018. To mitigate the traditional problems like standing in a long queue in bank branch or ATM, bank CBS down issue or shortage of cash in ATMs iServeU introduced this device.
Our Biometric Micro-ATM gadget is planned such that it offers an advanced engineering mixed impeccably with contemporary tasteful. Our biometric gadget is totally reasonable for the use of AePS as it is an across the board versatile terminal combined with the biometric unique mark and iris perusers for productive and exact confirmation of the clients. Besides, our biometric Micro-ATM conveys UIDAI/STQC affirmed unique mark sensor and iris sensor with the information maintenance usefulness.

Aadhaar Micro ATM near me

Beyond what 58 crore people would now be able to utilize Aadhaar miniature ATMs (Automatic trailer machines) for banking exchanges without ATM card or PIN, referenced UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India) in a tweet on its official handle – @UIDAI. Aadhaar miniature ATMs installment is another strategy that gives total installment arrangement where person’s Aadhaar number is sufficient to make exchanges. Aadhaar is a 12-digit exceptional character number gave by UIDAI. As per UIDAI, in excess of 4 lakh Aadhaar miniature ATMs are conveyed starting at now for doorstep banking administrations.

Aadhaar Micro ATM Price

The expense of a Micro ATM machine or gadget changes across various assistance sellers or suppliers.

5 things to think about Aadhaar miniature ATMs as referenced by UIDAI:

  • Aadhaar miniature ATMs resemble altered POS (Point of Sale) gadget.
  • Aadhaar miniature ATMs permit clients to perform essential monetary exchanges utilizing just their Aadhaar number and their unique mark as personality confirmation (alongside a Bank Identification Number for between bank exchanges).
  • As per UIDAI, the instalments done by Aadhaar miniature ATMs are approved by banks.
  • Be that as it may, the verification is finished by UIDAI through biometric relationship with the information base.
  • Aadhaar miniature ATMs installment arrangements are pointed toward improving card less and PIN-less banking.


How can I get micro ATM?

To get the Aadhar micro atm and to know about its price one need to contact iServeU

What is micro ATM machine?

micro atm machine is just a pos device where we can withdraw amount swiping the atm card. the amount will be credit to user wallet. Micro ATMs is the best reasonable choice and it is a little POS type machine. In excess of a million Indians are examining their fingerprints and pulling back money at nearby Kirana stores each day through biometric-abled instalment channel from their financial balances connected with Aadhar to satisfy their money needs. Micro ATMs permits clients to perform money related exchange like money store, withdrawal and reserve move would especially help address the issues that individuals are looking in provincial and semi-metropolitan zones , where the ATM network isn’t as solid as of now.

What is aadhar ATM?

Aadhaar micro atm is a bank led model which permits online interoperable financial transaction at PoS or (Micro ATM) through the business correspondent of any bank utilizing the Aadhaar authentication. Aadhaar Enabled Payment System is a framework created by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), that allows the individuals to carry out the financial transaction on a Micro ATM by providing their Aadhaar Number and verifying it with the help of their unique mark (fingerprint)/ iris scan. Aeps is a bank led model which permits online interoperable financial transaction at PoS or (Micro ATM) through the business correspondent of any bank utilizing the Aadhaar authentication. Individuals don’t need to specify their bank account details to do the transactions.

How do I withdraw money from AEPS?

” one can withdraw money from AEPS using aadahar no and fingerprint , the amount will be debit from selected bank to wallet and to know about the aeps micro atm price one could contact to iServeU. Enter your 12-digit Aadhaar number in the PoS Machine.

Select the exchange type – money store, withdrawal, smaller than expected articulation, reserve move, balance enquiry or eKYC.

Select the bank name.

Enter the sum for the exchange.

Validate the exchange utilizing your biometric (unique mark or iris filter).

The exchange gets finished in short order.

A receipt will be given to you by the banking correspondent.”

How can I withdraw money from my Aadhar card through ATM?

One can withdraw money from Aadhaar micro atm near me through a single tip without visiting bank or atm .

What is a micro ATM?

Aadhaar Micro ATMs is the best reasonable choice and it is a little POS type machine.

How many times we can withdraw money from ATM in a day?

there is no limit but it depend upon the card issuing bank to withdraw money with the money service provider.As indicated by the official site of ICICI Bank, a client can pull back up to ₹ 50,000 every day from any of its ATMs. SBI has brought the limit down to ₹ 20,000 from ₹ 40,000. The new ATM money withdrawal rules are pertinent on SBI Classic and Maestro charge cards.

Which bank started first micro ATM?

Aadhaar micro atm machine was first started by IDFC first bank’s. IDFC FIRST Bank’s microATM outlets are an augmentation of its branch organization. It’s a one of a kind “Bank-in-a Box”. Being India’s first interoperable framework it is an advancement in banking that can support a client of any bank utilizing the Aadhaar bio-metric verification framework or check card interface.

What is cashless withdrawal in ATM?

micro atm cash withdrawl empowers clients to pull back money safely and advantageously for ordinary utilization and buys.

Micro ATM

How can I get Micro ATM?

The Micro ATM is created to help individuals of the provincial region for the money related consideration. Notwithstanding, in hefty money crunch issue like today these sorts of Micro ATM Machines is aid to everybody. To know about the price and about the Micro ATM contact to iServeU at www.iServeU.in

AEPS Micro ATM Price

Aadhaar enabled Payment System (shortened as AePS) is a made sure about installment technique framed by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) encouraging the ledger holders to effectively execute their banking/budgetary administrations, for example, cash store, balance request, money withdrawals, and so on with the help of biometric based Micro-ATM. For productive exchanges, the clients/clients are just needed to outfit their 12-digits Aadhaar number to the authorities of a bank and approve it through biometric unique mark or iris scanner gadget.

Aadhaar Micro ATM Machine Price

Micro ATM will be worked by the Bank named Business reporters (BC )The Bank designated BC handle the actual cash dislike a customary ATM machine. All exchanges will require online biometric validation with the UIDAI verification worker so as to be prepared.

This Biometric Micro ATMs will permit clients to perform fundamental money related exchanges utilizing just their AADHAAR number and their unique mark as character evidence (alongside a Bank Identification Number for between bank exchanges). In contrast to an ATM, the money in/money out elements of the miniature ATM will be performed by an administrator, accordingly cutting down the expense of the gadget and the expense of overhauling the client. The miniature ATM will uphold the accompanying monetary exchanges:

Money Transaction :- Cash Deposit ,Cash Withdrawal

Assets move

Equilibrium request for Bank Account

Advantages – Biometric Micro-ATM Solution:

  • High Accuracy
  • Give solid validation
  • Biometric validation is utilized rather than PIN
  • Cost Reduction