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Micro Lending


Lending is the process of giving a loan by any organization or any individual to the borrower. The lending system in India works on the credit history or CIBIL score/credit score (Credit Information Bureau (India) Limited) of borrowers. With the assistance of the Government of India, RBI has started contacting the unbanked and underbanked individuals to give them subsidizing, in associations with private restricted organizations and Micro Finance Companies (MFIs). NGOs are viewed as the most widely recognized microloan specialists after MFIs and private restricted organizations.

Instant Micro Loan:

Microloans are used by new companies, advisors, merchants and producers, jobless individuals, and nonprofit associations that need additional funding to begin or extend a business. Instant Microloans are provided to serve entrepreneurs and any individual who experiences difficulty in applying for loans during tough times.

Objectives of Microloans:

  • Fortify the Self-Help Groups (SHGs).
  • Provide financial help to unbanked or under-banked families
  • To help and advance new businesses and women’s business ventures all over the country.
  • Microloans can be used for different business-related purposes, for example, meeting working capital necessities, startups, meeting everyday costs, paying compensations to staff.

Key Highlights:

  • The vital highlights of microloan include: The borrowers are generally from below the poverty lines and are unable to start their own businesses or run their startups due to lack of money.
  • Microloan limit: The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has raised the microloan limit for microfinance organizations to Rs 1.25 lakhs.


How can I get Micro Loans online?

We at iServeU provide microloans online with instant approval. We are offering microloans to all without taking any collaterals so you don’t have to worry about the money and can fulfill your needs easily.

What Is instant micro loan online and How Does It Work?

Online instant microloan is the amount of money provided as a loan out to deserving people who want to start a new business or have new plans which need proper funding.

Can we clear the microloan amount at once?

Yes, you can clear the microloan amount you have taken for the time period of 1-2 years at once after the completion of 6 months.

Can I apply online for a microloan?

Yes, you can apply online for a microloan. To apply for a microloan with iServeU, you must be between 21-65 years of age. You should possess a college degree, be working for a minimum of 6 months, and earn a salary of Rs 15k or above per month. You do not need a CIBIL score to apply for a quick cash loan through iServeU.

What is a good percentage for a personal micro loan?

The interest rate ranging between  8% to 13% is considered a good percentage for a personal microloan.

What are the core principles of microfinance?

The core principle of Microfinance is to promote socio-economic development among all the people belonging to different sections, reinforce the Self-Help Groups (SHGs), and support startups and women entrepreneurship across the nation.

What are the steps in micro loan online application?

The steps you need to follow in Microloan online application:

Step 1: Visit the official website (

Step 2:  Fill in the loan application form

Step 3:  Submit all the required documents.

Step 4: iServeU agent will contact the applicant

Step 5: Agent will verify the submitted documents

Step 6: Loan will disburse in the applicant’s bank account

Can a startup get an micro loan?

Yes, you can apply for a microloan at iServeU for a startup.  If you don’t have a good credit history, you may not be able to borrow money from many fintech companies.

Micro Lending

Micro Loans Online Application:

Any sound salaried or business person can apply for a loan at any bank or NBFC. But more than 60% of the population in India are still not eligible for loans from banks. The microfinance business has made a huge commitment to make open doors for low-pay families.

iServeU Business Correspondent Agents (BC Agent) are those SMEs or village-level entrepreneurs who are the backbone of India.

How can you use Microfinance?

  • You can use it to extend your business and improve your business by putting in resources.
  • Buying vehicles to fulfill your business requirements.
  • Renovating the current space of the organization’s operation.
  • Buying another office space.
  • Investing in recruiting more qualified staff.
  • Meeting training costs.

Instant Micro Loan Online:

The economy of our country mostly depends upon loans. But the entrepreneurs are not eligible for the loan systems in India. Hence, iServeU is with them to support financially through the advance “Micro Lending” platform. BC Agents can boost up their business with the help of iServeU lending or Loan Disbursement solution. Grow your business with our easy working capital loans.