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BC Program Management

We provide a comprehensive BC Program Management Solution, offering a platform tailored for efficiently managing Business Correspondents (BCs). Our BC Onboarding solution facilitates the recruitment and training processes for BCs, ensuring a seamless integration into operations. Additionally, our BC Lifecycle Management system enables continuous monitoring of their performance, detailed analytics and extends necessary support where needed.

BCs play a pivotal role as representatives of the bank, offering an array of essential banking services such as cash withdrawals, deposits, balance inquiries, providing mini statements and remittances. To uphold the bank’s standards and compliance protocols, our BC Program Management solution incorporates meticulous monitoring and coordination of BC activities, guaranteeing adherence to regulatory requirements and maintaining operational excellence.

BC Program Management Modules At iServeU

Corporate BC Onboarding

BC Agent Onboarding

BC Lifecycle Management

ASP Services

Notification Engine

BI & Analytics

Recon & Invoicing

Support & Training


MIS & Reports

FRM Module

Assured Revenue Commitment

Form Factors: API, SDK, Whitelabel Solution

Unique Features

  • BC Onboarding

  • BC Lifecycle Management

  • GST & Invoicing Solution

  • Transaction Analytics

  • Dispute Raise & Tracking

  • Assured Revenue Commitment

  • Form Factors : API, SDK & White label Solution

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