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Credit Card Issuance

We are the leading Credit Card Solution Provider in India. Streamline your credit card program with iServeU’s powerful Credit Card Management System (CCMS) and API, providing a comprehensive solution for managing every aspect of your credit card. Leverage our user-friendly interface to create custom card designs, personalize messaging, and reinforce your brand identity. Seamlessly manage users, card inventory, and fulfillment through our Credit card API-driven system. Experience instant account creation and Credit Card Issuance, making credit decisions in real-time and activating virtual cards instantly. Take control of card spend management with customizable limits and comprehensive spend visualization. Maximize efficiency by identifying users for targeted notifications and optimizing account parameters. 

The three pillars of launching a modern credit card program


Virtually every part of the customer’s credit journey from rewards to payments can be tailored and customized to segments or even individual card holders.

Digital first

From onboarding to the credit card issuing to engagement with card holders our credit card stack is built for the digital and mobile-first consumer.


Our stack allows banks to utilize data at the program, user, and transaction levels to power custom and real-time decision capabilities to provide offers, recommendations, and more.

Our offerings

As a leading credit cards API provider company, we offer a range of key features to enhance your credit card program

  • One integrated hub to design, launch, and manage every aspect of your credit program

  • Embed your credit experience into your brand experience

  • True control to bring new, innovative rewards to market

  • Grow your program on a platform engineered for flexibility, transparency, and scale

How we help banks to launch credit card programs quickly?


Design foundational components of credit card program and get to market via an intuitive user interface. Utilize built-in product creator/approver workflows to enforce internal controls and reduce business risk

Card Fulfillment

Personalize the look and feel of your cards with custom logo design, messaging, and graphics thatreinforce your bank’s brand Optimize your card products by managing users, card inventory, and fulfillment via our APIs

Instant account creation and card issuing

Open accounts with instant credit decisions via APIs with user’s individual parameters. Create and activate virtual cards instantly


Leverage our rewards engine to design differentiated value propositions using multiple data points. Reward in real-time and allow flexible redemptions such as cashback or reward points or integrate with e-commerce partners.

Card spend management

Allow your customers to set limits on usage across MCC, transaction type, geographic boundaries, and many more parameters which are not offered to customers. Allow your customers to visualize their spending across MCC, Date, Merchant ID, and other parameters.

Account Parameters

Identify users or groups of users who make monthly payments but are not utilizing cards significantly. Select customers with lower APRs or customers whose credit limit can be increased and send them notifications.

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