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Debit Card Issuance

We are the leading Debit Card Solution Provider. At zero additional cost, banks can launch new debit card programs such as co-branded cards, etc. With our innovative solution, you can effortlessly launch co-branded cards and other exciting debit card programs, expanding your product portfolio and attracting new customer segments. Our Debit card API and Debit card SDK provide the necessary infrastructure and support to seamlessly integrate co-branded partnerships, enabling you to tap into new revenue streams and strengthen your brand presence.  Provider in India.

Key Features

Bank can offer additional services for debit card management to customers such as:

  • Set transaction limits for contactless / per transaction amount/merchant category wise / transaction type (POS or withdrawal etc.)

  • Set limits for domestic/international usage

  • Reissue Debit Card

  • ATM PIN Set / Reset

  • Set Autopay instructions from the debit card

  • Upgrade debit card

  • Activate/deactivate debit card usage for POS / ATM Withdrawals / Online / Tap & Pay

  • Issue debit card/ Debit Card Issuance

  • Block / Unblock debit card

  • Card hot listing

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