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Boost Your Business And Operations With Our State-Of-The-Art Card Management System!

As nation progresses towards a cashless society, more corporate and banks use cards to make quick transactions daily. With the Card Management System (CMS) based on the Universal Issuing Platform, iServeU offers an all-in-one solution for managing your card possessions. The CMS makes it easier to manage every card’s user base. It covers the whole card lifespan, from when they are issued to when they expire or are cancelled.

Understanding iServeU’s Card Management System

The card management system provided by iServeU is a powerful platform developed for the smooth administration of payment cards, allowing corporate and banks to monitor and regulate their user’s financial activities effectively. Whether credit, debit, prepaid, or virtual cards, iServeU’s technology delivers a user-friendly interface that gives corporate and banks to have more control over their users.

Card Services Offered By iServeU!!

iServeU’s advanced card management system gives users real-time control over their payment cards. With features like instant transaction alerts, customizable spending limits, and virtual card management, users can ensure security while enjoying seamless financial management. The \”Plug and Play\” model is central to this transformation, a concept that has taken center stage in the fintech ecosystem. This innovative approach has accelerated the development of new financial technologies and enabled seamless integration for corporate and Banks enhanced its user experiences.

Key highlights

iServeU’s card management system has an in-house processor, authorization, and access control system to provide seamless facilities to its customers availing its services. Here are the major cards under it and their advantages and features to give the clients cutting-edge innovation in finance.

Debit card

  • CBS feature
  •  Integration with CASA
  • Integration with Neo bank interface
  • Instant card issuance

Credit card

  • Provides BNPL feature
  • Automated algorithms underwriting
  • Customized card
  • Instant card issuance

Prepaid card

  • Bank laid Model
  • Businesses laid Model
  • Programmer Manager( known to be used according to the requirements like a Gift card, GPR, etc.)
  • Instant card issuance


iServeU’s card management system embodies the evolving fintech landscape’s innovative spirit, simplifying financial transactions and empowering corporate and banks to have greater control over their finances. They can enjoy enhanced security and convenience with features like real-time monitoring, transaction controls, and notifications. As the fintech industry grows, platforms like iServeU’s card management system pave the way for a more secure, efficient, and user-centric financial future.


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