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Loan Origination System (LOS)

iServeU’s Loan Origination System is the best low code configurable platform for the financial institutions seeking to automate new and existing loan and mortgage journeys. Our system provides tailored loan application templates for lenders to streamline processes & promotion of suitable loan products to borrowers. With improved credit decisioning capabilities, facilitates the swift disbursement of funds to up to 10000 customers simultaneously, our LOS enhances the efficiency, capacity and accuracy across the lending marketplace. It is easy to integrate and highly secure mode of operations, accommodating diverse geographical requirements and guidelines.

Key Stages

  • Loan application

  • Processing

  • Underwriting

  • Disbursal

  • Servicing

Unique features

Product Configuration

Account Verification before Disbursal

Customizable Calculation Tool

Parameterization module

Bulk Disbursal

Payment Holiday Configuration

Top Up Loan Configuration


  • Quick loan sanction timing

  • At a time bulk Disbursements

  • Minimal maintenance cost

  • Mitigate Risk in lending

  • Disburse loan to verified accounts

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