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Neobanking Solutions

As a Neobanking Solution Provider we offer phygital account opening services for CASA accounts and various deposits such as RD, FD, etc. Additionally, we provide kiosk banking for basic transactions through self-service kiosks or agent-assisted hubs in public locations. Our digital banking services encompass mobile and internet banking, facilitating account management, transaction tracking, and payments. We extend debit and credit card issuance services to provide diverse payment options. Moreover, our prepaid card program management services include co-branded prepaid cards and mobile/web applications for efficient management. Our switching solution ensures smooth utilization of prepaid cards across multiple payment networks.

Product types for Account Opening

Agent Assisted Account Opening

Digital journey for account opening

Full Stack Neo Bank

Benefits for banks

Bank does a single audit of SDK to ensure flow is proper, and infosec & appsec requirements are met instead of doing multiple audits every time a partner integrates with the bank.

Partners can easily make UI/UX changes in the SDK.

Account Opening

Our Neo banking solutions provide phygital account opening API for CASA accounts and deposits like RD, FD, etc. We also offer kiosk banking for basic transactions via self-service kiosk or agent-assisted hubs in public places.

Digital Banking

Our Neo bank platform provides digital banking services, including mobile and internet banking, for managing accounts, tracking transactions, and making payments. We also offer debit and credit card issuance services for a wide range of payment options.

Our Offering

eKYC (OTP based/Biometric based)

ML Model Training for various documents

PAN Verification

Selfie matching with Aadhaar Image

Liveliness Check

OCR Extraction Capabilities

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