What is POS?

POS (Point of sales) is a service that enables your merchants to collect payments on the purchase of goods. Merchant Discount Rate (MDR) is a fee that the store accepting the card payment has to pay to the bank when an individual swipes it for payments. Merchants need to pay a 1% to 3% fee for the processing of payments for each transaction.

POS Functionalities?
Collect payments
pos iserveu

What do we offer in POS?


iServeU offers a low code integrable module as POS SDK. Basically, it is a set of software building kits/tools that will be provided by iServeU to customize your interface as per your need.

ANDROID SDK: This will be used to develop applications for the Android app.

POS Platform

Start your POS business platform from day 1 with iServeU’s ready-to-launch Aadhar Pay platform. Stay worry-free about development, compliance, and licenses.

Devices we offer

Wiseasy P3FI
PAX D180
Morefun MP-63