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Switching Solution

iServeU’s Switching solution offers high end infrastructure & capable of routing financial information from devices such as ATMs and POS terminals to Banks and Financial networks, facilitating real-time payments and channels necessary for continual enhancement of switching capabilities. With years of hands-on experience in hosting payment switching solutions and expertise in the payments switching domain, iServeU leverages its extensive experience in multiple financial switch environments and deep knowledge of the payment application ecosystem to assist banks with system implementation, integration, customization, testing, and support.

VISA Payment Solutions

Visa’s Payment Solutions platform is a global payment processing network that enables secure and efficient modes of transaction processing through services such as transaction switching, authorization, clearing, and settlement.

MasterCard Payment Solutions

Mastercard’s payment network provides transaction switching, authorization, clearing, and settlement services for a variety of payment channels, including cards, mobile devices, and online platforms, and offers advanced security features such as Mastercard SecureCode and tokenization.

NPCI ASP Solutions

NPCI ASP (Application Service Provider) services are a platform that allows banks and financial institutions to connect to the NPCI and process transactions efficiently and securely. The platform offers a range of services, including transaction switching, message routing, fraud detection, and settlement management, all in a single point of integration.

Key Features

  • Multi-institutional support

  • Global and local regulatory compliance

  • Fully compliant with EMV standards

  • ATM,POS, eCOM support

  • BIN Management

  • Tokenization

  • Balancing & Reconciliation

  • Message Routing

  • Dispute Management

  • Merchant management

  • Call Back Mechanism

  • Switch Monitor

  • Velocity Checks

  • Authorization Configurations

  • Echo Test Management


Dynamic payment transaction routes between acquirer & payment service providers.

Encrypt crucial & sensitive information.

Quick & smooth integration of Multiple payment methods

Direct connectivity with multiple card schemes.

Maximizes success rates & maintains multiple data centers to avoid downtime.

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