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What We are offering?

We Become Your Technology Partner And Help You Build, Promote, Manage & Distribute Your Products Online

Social Remittance

Our patent pending AI powered remittance solutions bridges the world of social,wallets &remittance.

Social Payments

Our innovative solutions bridge the gap between merchant & social payments using our person-to-merchant solution.

Branch-less Banking

Our scalable solution enable you to offer basic financial service to bottom of the pyramid by building last mile network.

Door Step Collection

Our GPS enabled browser less app can be leveraged in deep rural pockets for utility bill & EMI collections.

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You can Explore our B2B Software Engine ,B2C Roubst Platfom ,Single Page Money Transfer

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Who We Are?

Our main moto is to customize banking services for the unbanked population. Our business involves service aggregation and distribution, utilizing mobile, PoS and web for online payment processing and money transfer services.
Our Apps Are Both Web & Mobile Serviceable & Easily Adaptable

Over 2 billion people are currently excluded from the financial system (the unbanked and underbanked). iServeU’s vision is to enable financial services to rural communities at very low cost, bringing the underserved into the modern financial system. Payments, cash deposits, withdrawals, balance inquiries, bill payments, loyalty schemes, fund transfers and remittances are natively supported. differentiates itself through its platform architecture: scalable, flexible and versatile.

It incorporates open standards with a modern data model, while the security ecosystem has been designed and built from the ground-up to comply with international standards and regulatory guidelines. Our solution is a mobile application, but also a tool for vertical integration of a transaction service into your any business processes. Our apps are enabled with chip-and-pin security, EMV standards and end-to-end integration with a greater flexibility.

  • Simple. Secure. Fast. Responsive

  • Easy for Your Retailers & Distributors

  • Set your Own Dashboard and Color Scheme

  • Set Your Own Margin as Per Choice

How Can iServeU Help You?

Choose Us as Your Technology Partner - Our Cutting Edge Technology will help you build a Competitive, Market Convenient & Standard Platform - Let Your Distributors, WL Partners & Retailers do Business without any Hassle.


With a Website
Brilliant In-Build CMS
A Mobile Responsive Website is waiting for you with the options like in-build CMS and attractive designed themes outstandingly made for Financial Inclusion Business.
A nice website for nice people like You.


Web App
Android Application
Get ready to use Paytm & MakeMyTrip-like Apps for your customers available for both Web and Android Platforms.
Each and Every app is integrated with Payment Wallets and User Hierarchy Modules.


24X7 Support
Real-Time Training
We’ll provide you Real-Time Training and 24X7 Support to distribute your products in Market. Your Central Management Tool is in Your Hand & You can Track all your Distributors, Retailers and WL Partners in a Single Platform.


Online Marketing
Through Our Technology We’ll Promote Your Product through Online Media and Digital Advertisement.
Our White Label Customer Support will present you as a Reliable Service Provider in Today’s Market.

Easy Access

Handy & Straightforward Applications
Because physical banking infrastructures are expensive to develop, alternative distribution approaches are emerging. The most powerful of these may be mobile financial services.

Appropriate Products

Affordable For Low Income
Available financial services also means available at the right price and design—affordable for low-income customers and relevant to their needs.

Attractive To Use

Customer Self-servicing & Rapid Fulfillment
Products and services that effectively address the dormant tendencies of low-income consumers.

Payment Ecosystem

Facilitate Financial Products
To establish a robust nationwide payment ecosystem, in a seamlessly networked environment, using mobile technology to deliver payments and remittances in real time.

How it works?

Each & Every App is Made-to-Order with Customer's Branding Intact and Integrated with Secured Payment Wallets.

Have you ever think of your Retail Outlets under your Own Brand?

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Anyone in the Financial sector can use our B2B Software Engine Who wants to Grow their Business Online. This is the Innovation lies in Our Platform.

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