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iServeU- The Best AEPS Service Provider in India

Aadhaar enabled payment system (AEPS) is a bank-led model that permits money transactions through your Aadhaar card. It needs Aadhaar based verification and a unique identification number to initiate and Read More..

India Moving to Cashless Era

The government of India is on a mission to curb cash and make the Indian economy cashless. But why? We are all so comfortable with carrying cash to almost everywhere Read More..
iServeU matm user

Cash Withdrawal Limit of All Micro ATM Users

Cash is still the king of the Indian economy. People living in rural India still depend on cash for payments. You ask your mom to make online payments, she would Read More..
iServeU UPI wave

Digital Wave of UPI Payment

From kids to adults, everybody is using smartphones these days and are familiar with UPI payments. In simple terms, UPI (Unified Payment Interface)  is a payment system through with one Read More..
iServeU Cash Race

The Cash Race in Rural India

The term “digitalization” is the most popular term these days. From shops to payment systems, everything is turning digital. The ease and convenience, the digital platforms are providing are incomparable Read More..

Transform Your Kirana Shop into a Banking & Digital Service Center

With the advent of new technologies and constant change in almost everything, customers are also changing their preferences. People are preferring online shops for everything which is a huge challenge Read More..
Transfer Money from One Bank to Another

How to Transfer Money Between Accounts at Different Banks

Are you wondering “how to transfer money from one bank to another bank”? With a plethora of options, one can get easily confused. There are so many choices for the Read More..
Custom Money Transfer Software - iServeU

How to Create Custom Money Transfer Software

Digitalization has changed many things including the way we transfer funds. People are now willing to share their information with the third party and making cashless payments more than paper Read More..
Micro lending and all about it - iServeU

What Is Microlending and How Does It Work?

Don’t want to ask your friends for money? Thinking to take a loan? With many options available for loans in India, one can easily get confused and end up choosing Read More..
Local Bank Money Transfer - iServeU

What Is a Local Bank Transfer? Here’s What You Need to Know

There are multiple ways to send money within a few seconds. In the past, you needed to wait to transfer the amount from your account to another bank account. Earlier Read More..