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How The Dynamic Duo Of OCR And Lively Face Recognition Leads To An Effortless Customer Onboarding For Neobanking ??

Neobanking, as a modern financial phenomenon, is rapidly reshaping how people and businesses interact with their finances. iServeU, a leading player in the neobanking industry, understands that a seamless onboarding experience is a cornerstone for customer satisfaction. To achieve this, iServeU leverages cutting-edge technologies like Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Lively Face Recognition. We will delve into how these technologies work to revolutionize customer onboarding and why they are pivotal for iServeU\’s success in the world of neobanking.


OCR: Simplifying Documentation

  • Automated Data Extraction: OCR technology streamlines data extraction from documents, obliterating the need for manual input. This not only accelerates the process but also minimizes errors. It helps to automatically generate the complete address of customers.
  • Document Verification: It will enhance your reliability on the onboarding process of your customers by verifying the authenticity of documents and ensuring they meet regulatory standards.
  • Regulatory Compliance: OCR can seamlessly integrate into iServeU\’s KYC and AML procedures, ensuring the organization adheres to regulatory requirements.

Lively Face Recognition: Elevating Security and Convenience

  • Advanced Security: Lively Face Recognition augments security by validating the customer\’s identity through facial biometrics, significantly reducing the risk of identity theft and fraud.
  • User Convenience: Your customers can complete onboarding without necessitating physical presence. A simple live selfie for identity verification enhances the process\’s convenience and accessibility.
  • Process Efficiency: Lively Face Recognition expedites onboarding by instantly confirming the your customer\’s identity, leading to quicker approvals and swifter access to iServeU\’s banking services.

The Synergy of OCR and Lively Face Recognition

The true magic happens when OCR and Lively Face Recognition are combined in iServeU\’s customer onboarding process

  • Document Verification: OCR extracts critical data from documents, ensuring their legitimacy and accuracy.
  • Identity Verification: Lively Face Recognition cross-references the person submitting the documents with the photo on their ID, reinforcing security and trust.
  • Speed and Precision: This dynamic duo accelerates seamless onboarding of your customers while maintaining high accuracy and compliance.


By embracing these cutting-edge technologies, iServeU ensures a hassle-free onboarding journey and fortifies security and compliance, positioning itself as the preferred banking solution for customers seeking modern financial services. In a rapidly evolving fintech industry, staying at the forefront with tools like OCR and Lively Face Recognition is crucial to remain competitive and effectively cater to your customers\’ needs.

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